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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Isn't it incumbent on us all to properly prepare our country for future generations?

  • Who's this Login guy and why is he on my computer every morning?

  • Will Hoofy be able to push the tape back above the technically important S&P 1433 level?

  • Or will posturing in front of tomorrow's FOMC meeting quell the swell and plant seeds of doubt?

  • Where's the strangest place you've ever made whoopee?

  • Did yesterday's continued slippage in the emerging markets portend commodity weakness?

  • Is ITT Corp (ITT) on your radar as it retests the level which it broke out from?

  • I mean, if water (30% of their business) and defense (40%) are secular trends, don't the stars align for this particular puppy?

  • Do you have your Superbowl 'to do' list ready?

  • What would happen if Gentle Ben ever said this?

  • Isn't Adam Katz gonna make a superb CEO at MS Howells?

  • When's the last time that you smiled so hard that your face hurt?

  • Do stock picking contests promote 'reward chasing' behavior rather than risk management skills?

  • Aren't Mondays a terrible way to spend 14% of your life?

  • Do you think Justin Timberlake can sing "Fed in a Box?"

  • Are you keeping an eye on the upticking tension in the Middle East?

  • Do you know which two sectors that will be green the next morning, if and when?

  • Do the "haves" care about the erosion of the middle class?

  • Or are they insulated from reality and enjoying the tail winds of popular policy?

  • Isn't it incumbent on us all to properly prepare our country for future generations?

  • Have you chewed through the first blush segments on MVTV?

  • Have you seen the great work that Professor Matt Ford has done over at UMV?

  • Are you enjoying your journey?


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