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Pigskin Preview


Good luck into the bell!


"The most important thing to remember is: to protect your quarterback - ME!"

--Paul Crewe, The Longest Yard

Alright Minyans, it's getting to be about that time. The snooziest session in recent memory is (slowly) running out the clock and the crowd is on its feet. I've admittedly got an ax to grind with the Pats (think snow bowl and tuck rule) but, at the end of the day, Tom Brady is focusing too much on Bridget and not enough on the Cats (not that I blame him). 20-17 Carolina as Jack Delhomme takes home the MVP.

Tuning in to the Minxbowl, today's session was an evenly matched affair. The potential for a Hail Mary exists but, thus far, Hoofy's Heroe's defensive stand in the face of the melting transports (on the lows) is a moral victory. The crowd (breadth) is almost fan for fan and after yesterday's black hole, that's a huge improvement. Yes sports fans, if this was a football game, it would be six all with two minutes left. Beer man!

I'm gonna sneak out of the stadium as I have an uptown (then downtown) appointment before the dorm storm. We'll have the full team back next week (Succo!) and the countdown continues towards the massive site overhaul. For those looking and waiting for quick blips and trading snips, this is all you. The learning process isn't a trade--it's an investment--and the critters are committed to the educational process and all it entails.

Enjoy the game, drink responsibly and before you get behind the wheel of your car, visit my buddy Joel. For all the old school Minyans who "knew" Joel, I'm psyched to say that Jill gave birth to twins this week! Have a great weekend and leave the stress at your desk--you can be sure it'll be waiting for us on Monday!


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