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Random Thoughts


Soxy Fady!


  • There's all kinds of chatter going around regarding nuclear threats from North Korea. Fabulous.

  • We're pinning SOX 280 again. shocker!

  • A roach will live nine days without it's head. The only reason it doesn't live longer is it's unable to eat.

  • In my last post, I made the distinction between "good" traders and "great" traders. Notice I didn't say "bad" traders--there's no such thing!

  • I thought Tony's piece this morning articulated our current juncture wonderfully.

  • I still think there's gonna be stiff rally...but i can't shake the feeling that it'll begin from lower levels. If you think that shorting to buy is too "cute," you can always "scale" into a position. In other words, if you're bullish, you can buy 1/2 a position now and add to it as a function of price. This way, you're "there" if the market rallies and, if not, you've got dry powder to deploy at lower levels.

  • Who else misses sleep away camp?

  • Breadth on the Nazz is now 2:1 negative.

  • Both Hitler and Napoleon were missing one testicle

  • That AOL loss is staggering. "You've got issues!"

  • There are still too many reactive traders in the market. If you're constantly getting bullish at higher levels and bearish at lower levels, you're bound to flame out at a point. The goal, my friends, is to view prices as an opportunity--not a hindrance.

  • Keep an eye on the weekly lows in the NDX and S&P (if and when). If they don't hold, this could get fugly.

  • When my contacts told me about the Raiders night owl habits, I was bummed out. Then, when I heard about Baret Robbins, I was super angry...and almost bet big on the Buc's! I couldn't do it thought--no matter how much I tried, no matter how much my faith was shaken, no matter how wrong I thought they were--I couldn't pull the trigger. Being a Raider fan isn't a's a way of life--for better or for worse.

  • The trick to the shim sham trade is knowing when to flip around and trade from the long side. Dicey!

  • There goes MXIM. Hey Fokker, why are you giggling?

  • I follow daily stochastics (to time entry points) and longer term stochastics (to game market shifts).

  • Sea Otters use so much energy that they need to eat as much as one-third of their weight each day.

  • Beeks will stop by tomorrow morning with Personal Income (exp. .2%), Personal Spending (exp. .7%), the Charles Woodson/Betty Ford Confidence Number (exp. 83.5) and the Blackhawk Purchasing Manager Report (exp. 53).

  • Nah, there's no housing bubble,,,,but there wasn't a stock market bubble either until after the fact!

  • Lobsters can live up to 50 years.

  • If you're diggin' the critters, wear 'em proud!

  • I don't think we break the October lows during this leg of the sell-off...but I think they'll be broken at a point this year.

  • Cheers to Fred "The Dorf" Dorushkin!

  • Slaino just walked by and said "what's event would "catch" the most traders? I peaceful resolution to the Iraq situation." Man, they'd squeeze 'em hard on that!
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