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Fire Fly!


May peace be with you!


Long distance runner what you holdin out for?
Caught in slow motion in your dash to the door
The flame from your stage has now spread to the floor
You gave all you got, why you wanta give more?

(Grateful Dead)

Alright, this is getting silly. Fokker has five techies under his desk and he's complaining about some sorta virus. It pains me to see the young lad in pain but I suppose he's gotta learn for himself. I told the kid to use protection--particularly on his hard drive--but he insisted on plugging in his computer (oh, it's IN the computer!). Now his system crashed and he's got this "whoa is me" look on his kisser. Sad, really.

Alright, deep breath as we round contra-hour and eyeball the home plate. I musta pissed Snapper off with the last post because the terrible terrapin is in a mood. As he prances and dances, my eyes are flutterin' between the breadth (pure garlic), the financials (most bullish thing on board), gold (hearing "black box" CFT types sellin'), the charts (more downside room), the consumers (continued rotation?), the semis (stayin' slippy) and my watch (man, am I tired!).

With the notable exception of Nortel (NT:NYSE), Peoplesoft (PSFT:NASD) and Verisign (VRSN:NASD), tonight's earnings are relatively tame. We do have a dose of Beeks tomorrow as the big guy drops off GDP (exp. 5.0%), personal consumption (exp. pizza), the wolverine confidence figure (exp. 103) and the Cubbie Purchasing Manager (exp. 62). Quick, somebody tell Dusty Baker!

Are they gonna grip and rip or slop and slip? It's dicey--and folks are definitely freaked out--but if I had to cast my vote (and nobody says I gotta), I would side with the breadth (negative) over the piggy leadership. I know, we discussed a Snapper from lower levels (and we got it), but unless the internals improve, I don't sense stickage.

I'm gonna jump and juggle so lemme struggle. It's been a long...week? Month? Year? Few Years? Absolutely, so remember to be good to others and better to yourself. I can't tell you how many Minyans vent about not spending enough time with their fam or laying awake all night long. Think about the big picture and never let a trade get in the way of a smart investment.

Have a peaceful night.
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