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Random Thoughts


Tickle me turtle!?!


  • Babs Fokker?

  • Breadth is a solid negative with more than two losers for every winner.

  • GOLD DOWN 17!

  • This pretty much sums up Elmer's day yesterdayl.

  • The consumers act well but that's likely a sign of a more defensive mindset (and not necessarily bullish for the tape).

  • Save yourself from.....THE CLAAAAAW!

  • From Minyan Robert Pederson: "Have you ever thought of having your own reality show in the search for your new administrative assistant? You could show up for about 5 minutes at the beginning and end of each show to trash talk the contestants. In between, Fokker could put them through arduous tasks such as ordering Sushi for lunch, organizing Minyanfests, and the like. The winner would be the one who performs most admirably (or whichever young lady catches Fokker's eye), and would get the job. It can't miss." That's some pretty funny stuff.

  • Biotechs. Ya see 'em?

  • Why am I watching the rate-sensitive arena? Perception of "easier" credit (and liquidity abatement) will emerge here first.

  • You know what a chazzer is Frank? It's a pig that don't fly straight.

  • Has anybody ever seen the neck in the woods? And no, I'm not talking about Fokker's adolescent dalliances behind the tool shed.

  • Internets and semis are starting to flicker a bit quicker.

  • Can Snapper emerge? He can...but only from lower levels?

  • Boo is standing next to my desk with one of those carnival hammers and he's huntin' turtles.

  • It's gettin' close to that time when we need to get Valentine's Day gifts.

  • S&P 1115 is "a" support. S&P 1090 is a "better" support.

  • The Generals are at war. Sir Electric (GE:NYSE) is up a dime while Adm. Motors (GE:NYSE) is down a deuce.

  • Here's an idea--if you're gonna tell a story have a point! It makes it entirely more interesting for the listener!

  • Part of the reason I put the costumes in the closet is because all Minyans have different time frames and risk profiles (and we're educational, not advice). They may come back...I'm simply not sure yet.

  • Oil service acts well with the rude crude down 3%.

  • Silver down 5%. Man...we spoke about the volatility in the other asset classes spilling over to equities (and we saw size "vol" to buy yesterday).

  • Europe a bit slippier but will play horse to our minxy carrot.

  • Cause I'm the mellow, the fellow, the one that likes to say hello.

  • Fokker is ordering sushi right now (there's nothing wrong with a little protein on OUR time). If he fluffs this one, it's all over but the shouting.

  • Diggin' the 'Ville? Please tell a friend. Reading this without a password? Please do the right thing.

  • The brokers (and Citigroup (C:NYSE)) continue to act well. That's the most bullish thing on my board.

  • Neil Glassman...tell us the story again about your dinner with Lincoln?
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