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Flow's Diner


Let 'em all cover and get out of the way!


Heads up Minyans--

There are some monster prints going up in QQQ--at least 5 beans (million) in last 25 minutes in three seperate prints. I'm being told (not confirmed) that it's a short cover, for what it's worth. There's also a seller of 10,000 QQQ February 37 puts and while I'm not sure if the two orders are related, I wanted to make sure you saw it. So you know (and if you care), this is the type of flow that will soon be featured on Buzz & Banter--but it'll be much more frequent and have lotsa color. February 16th!

While I have you, watch the breadth--it's stanky. I'll be back with the Randoms shortly...

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