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Random Thoughts


Wait till I get MY Haynes on you!


  • The sashimifest was a huge success. Wait till you see who's coming to Minyanville--you're gonna splotch!

  • Not surprisingly, I returned to my turret to find the saucy Minx edging towards S&P 870.

  • When you sneeze all of your body functions stop, even your heart.

  • The tricky part of the Shim Sham thesis is that the S&P, DJIA, XBD (brokers) and SOX have all confirmed stochastic buy signals...and it's uber-tough to short into that.

  • I'm taking my gorgeous mother out for her birthday tonight--and I've got a surprise up my sleeve!

  • The internals are NOT confirming this rally.

  • Ketchup is excellent for cleaning brass.

  • Hockey is the most exciting sport to watch in person.

  • The SOX broke the trendline (from the November lows) at around 293--and that will serve as the first resistance.

  • Baret Robbins, the Oakland all-pro center who missed the game, has a history of mental illness and is currently on suicide watch. That's sad...prayers to him and his family.

  • General Electric hasn't been a teenager since October 1997.

  • Strawberries have more vitamin C than Oranges.

  • AOL, ERTS, FDRY and MXIM all report tonight.

  • Taxi was a fantastic television show. Thankyouverymuch!

  • Barry Rabkin-- WAKE UP!

  • The transports just can't find their jig.

  • If I was drafted, I would go. (sorry mom)

  • Crude spiking!

  • We saw the macro guys selling this their buying. Hedge fund hot potato!

  • Invariably, I'm going to say "DOH!" when the brokers trade in the teens.

  • If you haven't seen my ten trading commandments, please click here!

  • Again, you'll be able to sign up online on Sunday. Until then, if you want to secure you're Minyanville passport, stop by Harrison's Department Store.

  • Speaking of which, we'll donate 10% of the proceeds from any sale at Harrison's to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

  • I'm sure Bill and Ruby are buddies by now.

  • Yes, I think this rally will fail and despite the stochastics, my inclination continues to be to fade higher levels. Just one trader's (humble) opinion.

  • If you could drive your car straight up you would arrive in space in just over an hour.

  • I'm hearing a rumor (NOT confirmed) that Tony Dwyer is the new Haynes underwear model.
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