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More Random Thoughts


  • Housing hiccup?

  • S&P 1164 is the downside ripcord level. Please keep it on ye radar.

  • Now we know where Snapper has been.

  • "It's a dream deal. To quantify that, I intend to purchase enough shares so that by the time the deal is closed, we will have 100 million shares of P&G." -- All-Star guitar signee Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Gillette's (G) largest shareholder.

  • This column was linked in Brian's VIX column yesterday and is worthy of a look if you initially missed it.

  • Front month crude futes are off 3%.

  • Jib Jab, part deux. Old news, I know, but still pretty funny. Click here: Yahoo Presents JibJab - Second Term

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo- Just out of curiosity do you think metals are in the calm before the storm or collectively exhausting? Your hunches are usually very good. Minyan Ted." MT- I'm not sure if the script is written yet---if the reflation efforts kick up, the metals jam higher. If Elmer steps away, the dollar rallies and metals (along with other asset classes) fall. I'm more comfy with the former but I respect the latter."

  • The brokers caught a bid on the heels of the M&A activity. The global value of merger activity since November is roughly $850 beans. (big beans)

  • Will the banks catch a bid on the heels of the brokers? They'd better--Hoofy doesn't wanna live in a house that has BKX 100 as a ceiling.

  • If any Minyan would like to join me in respectfully requesting that the NYSE does NOT open two hours earlier, the Corporate Secretary of the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. can be found at this email address.

  • Technical update: Taking out SPX 1170/71 in an impulsive manner is important for the developing bearish call. So far this is confirming action in the markets (SOX, RTY, NDX, DOW, etc.) as fits with our yesterday note. First target is at least SPX 1140, and then from there it should subdivide lower before we should start looking for the possibility for a counter-trend bounce. If prices do not behave this way then we will have to back off our aggressive call in the very short term. Otherwise we'll remain with the bearish interpretation as long as SPX 1171 is not penetrated to the upside again. As always, never advice, just relaying what the technical indicators are saying here. - Prof. Reamer on the Buzz

  • Fokker! Volleyball is the most popular sport played at nudist camps.

  • Now we know why Brazil is down 4% in two days.

  • Double dippin' the Random schticking? I'll ask for a bit of latitude as I'm admittedly fried after back-to-back earnings attacks. And don't be shocked if I hit for the hat-trick this afternoon!

  • VXO +5% (still Bar Mitzvah status).

  • Chasing Liberty? Anything for you Mandy!

  • Gap fillage! The NDX has filled the first of two gaps from earlier in the week. The second gap, which would fill Monday's vacuum, fills at 1480 (weekly lows).

  • Deflation!

  • Stressed about the tape? Imagine if your son, daughter, mother, father, sister or brother was stationed overseas right now. THAT is stress--this is just a job.

  • Has corporate governance really improved or did folks just stop asking questions while the tape was rallying? I think the latter--everything is funny when you're making money.

  • SushiFriday. Wasabi!

  • The Minyanville content proposition is a work in progress. And as we take this "giant step" behind the scenes, our attention will shift back to building our community, bringing in value-added writers, interfacing the network of our Minyans and building a center channel for fiscal literacy. One step at a time, I've learned, and doing it right rather than fast.

  • Good luck into the afternoon muck, Minyans, we're almost there.

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