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A Quick Q&A


A rally to the breakdown point (S&P 865-870) is textbook fade material!


Hoofy and Daisy swung by on their way to Ultimate Pizza (last supper) and graciously agreed to answer some questions regarding Minyanville and the upcoming changes. The conversation went something like this:

Toddo: Hey Hoofs...wasabi Daisy...what's the dilio on the custom office changes this weekend?

Daisy: It's really quite simple, Toddo--Casey and the team will be "taking down" the site Friday night and outfitting it with a spiffy new online subscription solution. By the time Sunday rolls around, you'll have the ability to order passports (subscriptions) right over the net! Speaking of which, $10/month or $79.95/year sounds like a tremendous offer...that's cool!

Toddo: Yeah, we decided long ago that we wanted to make Minyanville accessible to as many people as possible and we know that times are tough. We're hopeful that our faithful Minyans will show their support by helping to spread the word and, if possible, supporting the merchants of Main Street.

Hoofy: We just came from Main Street Toddo and you're right--that stuff is awesome! Question: will we be able to order stuff online soon?

Toddo: All good things in all good time, Hoofs. We've got big plans for Minyanville and you'll see new and exciting things roll out in the months ahead. An e-commerce solution will be in place before too long but, in the meantime, you can order to your hearts content by calling (toll free) 1-866-722-0077.

Daisy: I ordered one of those fleeces...when does the new shipment arrive?

Toddo: The fleeces should be in any day now and once they arrive, we'll be able to shoot 'em out to the readers. Sorry about the delay...we had no idea they would sell out so fast!

Hoofy: This may be a silly question but...where the heck does one purchase their gold passport subscription?

Toddo: Well, as you know, the site has been totally free since October 1st. Those that have registered have gained complete access to the free content and features available on the site. On February 1st, we'll be implementing our online registration and subscription feature such that all of our readers can access and update their current data. In other words, there is no subscription page will be up by Sunday. If you're looking to lock in your subscription early, you can do so by calling the toll free number above.

Daisy: What about the pre-orders for people who thought they were paying $120/year? Don't they get hoodwinked?

Toddo: Come on now Daisy...would we do that? We haven't charged a single person for Minyanville content yet! As of February 1, all annual subscribers will be charged the new, lower rate of $79.95. If they have commitment issues like me, they can always opt for the monthly gig and sniff it out.

Daisy: Good deal! Hey, you know, Hoofy's been on a no carb diet for a while and he looks great. Do you know that beef is high in protein?

Toddo: Yes, I know that Daisy...and I'm going to bite my lip on this one. It's getting late and we've got earnings painting the tape. Gotta hop.

With that, the "it" couple made their way towards the door and Toddo turned his attention towards the tape. There was a bit more work to do before powering down and hitting the gym (no kidding!) and, well, it's important to find a balance in life--whatever that balance may be. Take the time to enjoy the evening and be good to yourself--it all starts from within.

Have a peaceful night.

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