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More Random Thoughts!


Watch the financial/semiconductor duopoly!


  • Does Silvia Vadvah live in a gingerbread house?

  • The BKX is back over 1000 and the banks are starting to grab that baton again.

  • Technical types I speak with are trying day trading longs in here.

  • Moisture is the essence of wetness.

  • The S&P hasn't had a 5% correction since the duct-tape low was put in last march. The longest such streak, to date, is 16 months (1994). Thanks to Barry Ritholtz for pointing that out.

  • You'll knock your teeth out with that thing!

  • Sometimes the best trade is no trade. If you consciously make that decision, however, you can't look back and beat yourself up for missing a move. That's a no win proposition.

  • Steve Van Starker.

  • We're in the processing of canvassing for an energy professor. If you've got a thought in that regard, please feel free to communicate it.

  • Jim Carey shoulda won an Oscar (or at least been nominated) for his role in Man on the Moon.

  • Novellus (NVLS:NASD) also reports tonight and that'll color the semi space.

  • A metric assimilation is always helpful when crafting a thesis.

  • Now yous can't leave.

  • Green sequins?

  • The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat cutting machine and submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company, suspecting negligence, sent one of its men to have a look for himself. He tried the machine out and also lost a finger. The chef's claim was approved.

  • Try and force yourself to take at least ONE day completely off from work (note to self).

  • I've put my therapist in therapy.

  • The dollar has started to gain some traction today.

  • Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaren! (Think Ray Liotta)

  • General Electric (GE:NYSE), after a few days of rest, is enjoying the fruits of it's acne.

  • Fleck is back from Heli-skiing. Look for his rap later this week in the 'Ville.

  • Crude is off 2% today.

  • The devil dances in empty pockets.

  • The owners of options have the right--but NOT the obligation--to call/put the underlying stock at a specific price (the strike). Those short options have no such right.

  • Whatever happened to Joanie?

  • Conventional wisdom has worked for almost ten months. That's made life as a zagger most difficult.

  • And to think, I thought this week would be lighter from an conference call standpoint!

  • Hoofy has to be happy with the sideways digestion of the recent rally. If he works off the overbought condition with time (rather than price), he's got a better shot of sticking around.

  • Student Minyans, please take the time to spread word of the critters to your fellow students (finance club) and Greek system friends. Toga party!

  • Everything is cyclical--moods, markets and moons included.

  • This tape has been Sammy all day but traders are starting to look for Snapper.

  • February 16th is right around the corner.

  • What a difference a year makes. Oofa!

  • Good luck into the close.
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