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Random Thoughts


Keep your head on a swivel, Minyans

  • After dumping the lion's share of my piggy puts near Friday's close, I nibbled back at some defined risk March paper with a short side stop above BKX 103 (or JPM 39.5ish, as the case may be).

  • The Critters are on the case as Succo and I will be at UPenn Thursday and Harvard on February 7th. I wonder if I should get long Apple (AAPL) in front of these visits (get it?).

  • Gee Eee, we bring red things to life ($35 is newbie resistance).

  • My homies hit for the hat trick!

  • Speaking of homies, HGX 517ish has a slew of support levels nestled in that zone.

  • Tuesday internals are sticky green at 2:1 positive. Macke would be proud.

  • Timing is everything.

  • And just like that, the VXO lost Bar Mitzvah privileges (under 13).

  • Mr. Rubber, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Road. He lives on the corner of BKX 103, between S&P 1275 and NDX 1705.

  • The poster child for staying single?

  • "Big move coming in bonds? Notice on this chart how there is a distinct flag forming in the yield of the 10-year note. Flags are usually followed by a large move whichever way the first trendline is broken. Our bet has been to take money off the table as mentioned previously for a few reasons. First, seasonality is now negative for bonds until Memorial Day. Second, I don't think Bernanke wants to start his term with an inverted curve. And lastly, COT data has shown smart money hedgers selling their long position lately into strength." Professor Bennet Sedacca (position in various treasuries)

  • I wonder what Fawn Leibowitz would do in a tape like this?

  • If you're emotionally involved with a stock, put it on your personal restricted list and look for other opportunities. Trust me, I had a "thing" with Intel (INTC) once and it cost me more in opportunities than it did in losses.

  • I scooped a spate of Yahoo! (YHOO) yesterday morning with one eye on Snapper (back to our triple lindy resistance zones) and the other eye on that gap (between $36 and $40). I have rolled my set my stop at my cost basis which effectively skews the trade to an advantageous risk/reward profile.

  • Don't be such a Munson!

  • I wrote this morning that "As goes, Texas Instruments (TXN), so go the chips. As go the chips, so goes tech. And as goes tech, so goes the tape." Texan was shruggin' higher at the time but has since dribbled back into Red Dye. Something to monitor as we edge towards thy hump.

  • One of my salestraders pinged me to say that SunMicro (SUNW) reports tonight. I quickly pinged back "it's not an earnings play" before realizing that it's not smart to tempt the trading Gods.

  • Tom McManus, the talented BofA strategist, is highlighting HD, GE, IBM, HON, PG, KO, AIG and VZ as attractive Dow stocks. I wonder if that's attractive in a Keira Knightly sorta way?

  • $81 is to IBM what $48 was to Citi (C) and $35 was to General Electric (GE). It's Big Blue, we know. Black remains to be seen.

  • A Commitment to...waiting?

  • If you haven't clicked on the "Our Town" portion of our new site, you're missing the backstory of Minyanville. It's worth a read, if for no other reason than to understand how Hoofy and Boo came unto Minyanville.

  • Fare ye well in the afternoon swell.

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Position in JPM, YHOO, SUNW
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