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Random Thoughts


Until proven otherwise, the sideways action UNDER S&P 1175 is a churn rather than a base.


  • Are you "feeling it" today? Fear not, tomorrow is a brand new day.

  • Vibes from Lehman scribe Jeff DeGraaf:"The undercut lows leave us more concerned about the prospects for the quarter than the rest of the year, as our trend indicators remain bullish (though deteriorating). The breakouts last week were most favorable in energy, an area we continue to recommend for 2005. We suspect the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq see their 200-day moving averages before the correction is over, that's 1133 and 1976 respectively."

  • Trust Funding.

  • Mercury Interactive (MERQ) seems to be screaming "gaps work both ways!" to the bears.

  • Daisy die-hards.

  • We're hard at work behind the scenes mapping out the next generation Minyanville applications. Our goal is to create an interactive forum to share ideas, interface networks and build relationships.

  • DXY 84 is the next level to watch for the greenback as a push through that zone has room to the 200-day (DXY 87). If and when that happens, it'll likely offer clues regarding our stagflation vs. deflation conversation. Man, that's a lot of ations!

  • Tragic timing.

  • "We'll see a lot more creativity in the types of offers being made," said Wachovia's chief operating officer, Kirk Bare.

  • Google (GOOG) broke the 50-day today for the first time in its brief history.

  • The Pats have "felt" like the best team in football all year. Still, I've gotta root for the Iggles as a function of having lotsa friends there, latent Patriot angst (tuck!) and fellow Syracuse alum Donovan McNabb.

  • Relax your grips on the handlebars--it'll make for a much smoother ride.

  • $49ish has been a level of contention for Citigroup (C).

  • I wonder what he'll be charged with?

  • Vibes from uber-Minyan Jeff DeGraaf of Raymond James: "Last week the DJIA broke a triple bottom and in the process joined most of the other indices by breaking below its December low. While this occurrence is not particularly positive for investors, speculators should take heart because most of our short-term indicators are becoming pretty oversold and it is day 15 in our day-count sequence" (Jeff notes that "stampedes" in either direction typically last for 17-25 sessions).

  • Two-Timer!

  • More class to the Raiders? Al Davis will have to start hiring more teachers!

  • "Because of the lack of financials, Fannie Mae (FNM) is no longer in compliance with exchange rules. Therefore the company can no longer list new options. February strikes should never have been issued in the first place. The exchanges are allowing "closing" trades" to reduce the open interest and if/when an open interest gets to zero, the option will be de-listed. The company will not list new options until it is back into compliance with exchange rules." John Succo

  • Boo is happy fading rally attempts under S&P 1175 (multiple January lows).

  • Macke Sacks?

  • In case you missed it, BKX 100 and Dow 10,400 are on every trading radar.

  • It's better to be disciplined and frustrated than stubborn and poor.

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