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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Do you spend too much time staring at one position?

  • While there are clearly some bugs, tweaks and other squeaks (that we're currently fixing, which is why this is the 'beta'), won't it be nice to have some alternative financial television?

  • Can you imagine programming we've mapped out behind the scenes?

  • Why were so many traders "freaking" yesterday morning with the S&P futes down four handles?

  • What does that say about the collective positioning given the DJIA, S&P and Nazz are all less than 1% from where we started the year?

  • Aren't you glad that yesterday is behind us?

  • Has the "volatility compression" embedded a conditioned complacency into the mindset of the masses?

  • Do you spend too much time staring at one position?

  • Isn't that the tell-tale sign that you're too "big?"

  • The Raiders hired a 31-year-old coach when both the Big Tuna and Bill Cowher were available?

  • When's the last time you called someone you care about just to say hello?

  • Do you also see the Turnaround Tuesday bounce in the pre-market commodities?

  • Will S&P 1400 hold the next time we test that level?

  • Have you seen the underrated but extremely well written flick "Fall?"

  • Is that priced into crude and gold?

  • Do you have any idea how many funds are selling cheap "freebie" options?

  • Has that set the stage for an unpleasant uptick in volatility?

  • Did you see Pepe Depew flag the potential DeMark-TD Sequential sell signals in the real estate realm?

  • Don't you wanna own the commodities that the world needs, such as energy, healthcare and education?

  • And avoid suppliers of "commoditized" and "capacitized" items such as lappy's, plasmas and cell phones?

  • Where's Audrey Raines?


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Position in energy, metals
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