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Random Thoughts


I'd break Brodsky like a twig!


  • Equity funds reported net cash inflows $5.6 billion (71% going to domestic funds).

  • In chess, there are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways to play the first ten moves.

  • Scotty Reamer has been en fuego!

  • Oscar Wilde's last words were: "Either that wallpaper goes or I do."

  • The S&P futures have not posted back to back down days since Dec 3rd (33 trading days) which marks the longest stretch since their inception. On two prior occasions (when there were at least 30 days between consecutive down days: Sep '95 and Jun '89), the next ten days produced a very tight range. Also, there is now an unprecedented run for the Nazz futures (closes above the prior day's low). Yesterday was the 25th straight session, marking the longest streak since its inception. (thanks Jason Roney)

  • The New York Stock Exchange said that according to data submitted by its member firms, program trading during Jan. 12-16 amounted to 40.9% of NYSE average daily volume. We incorrectly offered a much higher percentage yesterday. Sorry.

  • This site always has heavy metal food for thought.

  • Poison Ivy and Poison Oak are from the Cashew family.

  • If the NDX was a DEAD song, it'd be "Playing in the band."

  • As a calf, Daisy attended Camp Notahoe.

  • The dollar is getting some greenback. The chatter, so you know, is that Asian central banks are selling the Euro, Pound and Euro/Yen. Gold, coincidently, has burped down a deuce.

  • It's entirely alright to have differences of opinion. It's not alright to be belligerent or disrespectful in your communication of them.

  • The peak in bank group multiple (90% of SPX) was back in '98 when the zeal to deal was great...vuja de (currently at 75% of S&P)?

  • You gotta love the Pat's Defense but I think I'm liking the Cats and seven points (Marlin-esque).

  • Last night, while enjoying a quick gaggle to break up the pace, I heard Adam ask a few ladies "How'd you really like Breakfast w/ Brodsky?!?"

  • The oil service names need some Clearasil.

  • If the longer you wait for dinner, the better it tastes....well, the eventual volatility binge is gonna be mouth watering. In the meantime, that dripping sound you hear is like a Chinese water torture.

  • There's a witty reference between China and volatility out there but, truth be told, my brain is too fried to find it. (long coupla weeks)

  • If you're not reading Jason Goepfert, you're missing some pretty insightful stuff.

  • I sure hope Fleck is having fun Heli-skiing. Jeez, I wanna come back in my next life as his luggage!

  • A lil' lunch crunch is turning the tape a tad sloppy. The internals have slipped (still positive) and the semis got heavier (KLA-Tencor (KLAC:NASD). Hoofy's not worried, though, he's been bailed out every afternoon by the V-Whoppers (Volume weighted average price program trades).

  • Yes, the laws of probability dictate that he'll soon be holding the proverbial bag. That clock is not only broken, it's hangin' by a thread.

  • The critters are workin' around the clock (different clock) on the Minyanville overhaul and the week of February 16th is still a go. Take a good, hard look at the current site...cause the new one will make you forget it ever existed.

  • Wal-Mart (WMT:NYSE) is starting to get to an interesting level (55 is resistance).

  • Mandy Moore, not less.

  • Anthony at Lehman, I have one thing to say to you....."werekajkdjakdfaewqewqreklhoighogsda!!"

  • Treasury vols are starting to pick up. The process of asset class elimination continues. Anybody wanna venture a guess what's next?

  • Day break on the land.

  • The semis (SOX) is now trading slightly below the triple top breakout. Past resistance should act as future support so watch this level closely.

  • Keep an eye on Cisco (CSCO:NASD) too.

  • I can't believe that my idea of getting crazy these days is staying up for the Leno monologue. Hey, I can always live vicariously through Fokker!

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeein!

  • Minyan trivia: What's the only state with one school district? The first right answer send to wins your choice of a kick ass Minyanville tee!

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