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Random Thoughts


Bad breadth, weak financials and a plate full of pop tarts. I don't get you, Toddo!


  • Anybody that knows me knows that I don't bullshnitz-and when I tell you that I'm honored to be involved with a person as intelligent, honest and pure as Tony Dwyer, it comes from the heart.

  • I was hanging out with a crew from Long Beach-Compton at the Raider game and I kept yelling "Long Beach in the house!" Thank god the Raiders won!

  • The stochastics are telling you that Hoofy is early-but they're only one ingredient in the mix.

  • I think I touched a nerve with this morning's first post (in a good way). If you haven't read it yet, click here.

  • Pup Tent!

  • Jason Goepfert of points out that the S&P, when down for four days in a row, is up 58% of the time (the next day). When down five days in a row, however, the odds are bumped up to 71%. That's good insight.

  • Cheese is overrated. Cheesecake is underrated.

  • The internals, while improving, have yet to confirm the upside. We can't point to this yesterday (as a tell) and ignore it today because Hoofy decided to drop by-that's selective thinking and rationalization. We can still try to upside, mind you, we just have to be conscious and aware of the potential caveat.

  • I saw Casey last night for the first time in a year and it took us all of an hour to completely recharge our mojo!

  • Imagine if somebody stood up when Bank of America announced their 130 Million share buyback and screamed "SOLD!"

  • ALTR, TXN, CHKP, QCOM and SEBL all report tonight and EMC, BLS, NOK and CAT will issue releases before tomorrow's opening.

  • I actually thought that, while I was in California and the market closes at 1pm, I'd be able to sneak in some relaxation. Uhh...not! While the critters do the foo foo thing at Ago, I've been slaving away to pay their bills. Ingrates!

  • N's over S's, baby.

  • When is General Electric gonna be a teenager?

  • What is it about having your lifelong favorite team in the Superbowl that makes you feel like a little kid again?

  • The financials are trying to turn (higher)-watch Citigroup.

  • If wishes were knishes, I'd be pushing 250 lbs.

  • E.T.F's are hedgefood.

  • Guess the final score of Sunday's game and win a free Minyanville fleece. Send your pick to and, please, one guess per Minyan!

  • As a function of my big picture skepticism, I tend to have a quick trigger finger on the bull costume (vs. the bear costume). One day, we'll need to flip flop that predication but when?

  • Tony Pitt meet Brad Dwyer.

  • I went through a Woody Woodpecker phase as a young kid.

  • Boo just ran by screaming "Muuuuuuuuuuuuu"

  • You got the munchies there, Fokker?

  • I did a conference call with the Syracuse University Investment Club and had a fantastic time. If you're a student and involved in a similar situation, give me a ping and we'll see if we can set something up. Wasabi!
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