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More Random Thoughts!


They call me Dai-Lo!


  • I always struggle with honor bars at hotels...especially when they have pop tarts!

  • The storage sector, after being taken apart last week, is trying to find a level in front of Thursday's big reports (EMC, ELX).

  • The image of Tim Brown crying tears of joy after Sunday's win will forever be one of my favorite sports images.

  • Nobody has ever seen Tony Dwyer and Brad Pitt in the same room at the same time. Hmm...

  • Watch GE and the cyclicals this week as earnings filter out. If you're only focusing on a handful of tech names, you're doing yourself (and your performance) a disservice.

  • I don't get J-Lo. There, I said it.

  • The head and shoulder neckline for the semiconductors resides at SOX 280ish.

  • If you're "stuck" in a bad position, remember that hope isn't a viable investment thesis. I've found that trading "in between" (selling/covering ½) is a good compromise and can alleviate some of the angst.

  • The ultra-conservative, country club playing, Ralph Lauren socks wearing, gonna-be married soon BIFF tells me that the institutional flow is relatively quiet today. Ya think?

  • I'm a Donovan McNabb fan but I can't say I'm unhappy that the Eagles got tossed. I mean, could you imagine crowd if both Philly and Oakland made it? Oofa! At least, with Tampa Bay, we'll be able to find some early bird specials at the tailgate!

  • Did I mention that I thought the brokerage stocks will trade to the teens before the bear market ends?

  • It's nice to see....anything....other than tall office buildings for a change!

  • Micron is a hat size. Unbelievable.

  • Selective trading will test your discipline every single day but, if you can remove "performance anxiety" from your vocabulary, it will likely serve you in good stead.

  • Gotta get to Tulsa, first train we can ride. Got to settle one old score, one small point of pride.

  • Hedge fund hot potato continues in the E.T.F market.

  • How many mulligans will the "pundits" get on the recovery thesis?

  • I'm watching you Fokker! Wake up!

  • I've gotten a lot of feedback on my reference to and the answer is "yes, I think it's tremendous value added if you're an active trader.

  • The road from San Jose to San Francisco is littered with ghosts of bubbles past.

  • The consensus among N.F.L players is that Michael Vick has the most talent-by a landslide.

  • How many Minyans are going to the dance? Ping me at and let's take quorum!

  • Was Ernie McCracken related to Phil?

  • Europe is closing near the low.
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