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Random Thoughts


How the heck am I supposed to leave footprints on the walk of fame?


  • Despite last week's drubbing, the tape still felt complacent coming into today.

  • If the financials are the most important sector and Citigroup is the most important financial, is Citigroup the most important stock in the market?

  • Charles Woodson can't be 100% healthy...he got smoked all day Sunday.

  • Telecom trades dry.

  • That was a good stochastic sell signal in the biotechs last week.

  • MOT, XLNX, SANM and RFMD report tonight while EK, PFE, MER, JPM and LU report tomorrow morning.

  • Warren Sapp, while a fantastic player, is yet another example that you can't buy class.

  • The stochastics, while no longer "triggering" a sell signal, are far from a buy signal.

  • That being said, a rally attempt here wouldn't shock me.

  • Jon Gruden was AWOL at the first Superbowl press conference. SHOCKER! Talk about abandonment issues!

  • The outlooks given last week by the tech leaders are surely still weighing on the tape.

  • "What do you mean? Puff the Magic Dragon is a story about a little boy and his magical dragon?"

  • The S&P trades heavy but the tech traction is very constructive. IF the tape turns higher, I would look to N's before S's...but I would be quick on the trigger.

  • Yes, I fall into the deflation camp and I think a dollar saved will be work 1 ½ future dollars earned.

  • I called into a west coast radio talk show yesterday and talked to Rick Barry about the Raiders.

  • The VIX is back above 30, which was a good "vol" play for those who bought into the "too much complacency camp" in front of earnings. If you picked up cheap downside paper, you can either "take" the trade or buy the underlying stock (on a ratio) and set up some gamma.

  • Raider Max, my favorite 16 year old in the world, was sporting a Mohawk for the big game Sunday. Now THAT'S a real fan!
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