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Freaky Friday Random Thoughts


Like straws on a camel's back...

  • Welcome to the new Minyanville digs. If you haven't poked around yet, please feel free to offer your 3 cents (adjusted for inflation). And pop into "our town" to read the history of the critters and how they came to settle in the 'Ville!

  • This is a big part of why we come to work each day. The chasm between fiscal literacy and the 'need to know' is massive.

  • Citigroup $48 and General Electric $35 were levels of lore (and newbie resistance). The Minx has absorbed high profile tech misses but Citi and GE are arguably the two most important stocks in the trading universe. This is the definition of a bovine stress test.

  • IF (big if) Hoofy can escape this week above S&P 1275 and NDX 1705, he'll be a pretty happy bull given the high profile misses.

    Elmer, looking over his shoulder on the way to Del Boca Vista, offered some parting shots at his Aunt Fannie (FNM) and Uncle Freddie (FRE). And make no mistake, given the rise of the GSE's during his reign, these are indeed his relatives.

  • Tainted Love!

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag

    "Toddo--Yesterday you had predicted that if the S&P hit 1283 then the market may move higher because program buying would start. Sure enough your prediction followed through. How did you draw this conclusion? In other words, how did you determine that 1283 was the threshold and how did you know program buying would begin? Thanks, Minyan Robert"

    MR- It was a simple assimilation of our trading tells with a dash of market experience. Traders often set "stops" on the other side of the previous day's high (low). With market internals skewed 2:1 positive, my intuition was that Snapper would poke through. I didn't (don't) have insight into program flow but with so many hedgies staring at the same levels, they tend to self-fulfill.

  • Given the avalanche of earnings and the Minyanville site launch (that kept MVHQ here around the clock), I, for one, am looking forward to our requisite two day respite. Baltimore . Kids. Hugs. Perfect.

  • I just don't get it. President Fish, Queen Vanessa, Professor Succo....they all hate The Craw!

  • Welcome to our world Minyan Tom Skerritt!

  • We continue to see sizable call buying in Qualcomm (QCOM).

  • Seventeen equity deals are on tap next week. Keep that in mind as we noodle the upcoming supply/demand equation.

  • The Honeydew Investment Trust.

  • I'm wondering if today's massive option expiration will skew the price action and quell volatility until after front month options expire (today). (I know, I hate that too)

  • Motorola (MOT) and Xilinx (XLNX) are the chip dip today.

  • Billy's big Friday night plans.

  • Morning Breadth is 3:2 negative but better than I woulda thought. If this tips 2:1, Lucy may have a whole lotta splainin' to do

  • Energy. Metals. Get used to it Minyans.

  • Note the stealth traction in pharma. I still think Pfizer (PFE) pins $25 but those 'cuffs will come off on the bell.

  • As my two favorite teams are the Raiders and anyone playing the Broncos, I gotta find myself a terrible towel!

  • Four years running. And we're just now getting to the starting gate! Snaps to everyone at MVHQ for their tireless effort on this latest launch.

  • Fare ye well, faithful, and have a snazzy session!


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