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Random Thoughts


Strategy is our strength and not disaster.


  • Oy Vey is Meir!

  • S&P 1150-1160 is a 50% retracement of the bear swoon. Ironically, this week also marks the half way point in time (thanks Jason Roney).

  • If your entire family is overweight, chances are your dog is too. I wonder if same goes for cats?

  • The Jinx retracement hit 52% before rolling over. In other words, there's nothing magical, per se, about absolute levels. It's more a "zone" thang.

  • Everyone I read this weekend and this morning thinks the Minx blasts higher.

  • Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) 75 is a HUGE level for the stock. It served as multiple support levels before breaking down in 2002 and has quelled every rally attempt since.

  • "You never know she could be earnin' her man and learnin' her man and at the same time burnin' her man" - Dr. Dre

  • Gold, fresh off its thumpin', is up a finski today. The scope and voracity of this particular lift will help define the sustainability of its trend.

  • I think it's time for the low carb thing again. Whenever I can't see my shoes, it's usually pretty close.

  • Advanced Micro (AMD:NYSE), Centex (CTX:NYSE), Motorola (MOT:NYSE), PMC Sierra (PMCS:NASD), RF Micro (RFMD:NASD), Sanmina (SANM:NASD) and Washington Mutual (WM:NYSE) highlight tonight's fright.

  • The dollar is getting punched like a doggie. Tree hugger!

  • Orange Mocha Frappacino!

  • My stochastics have been pretzel twisting since mid-December.

  • Laurie is kick ass.

  • Crude continues to creep higher and it's spurring the energy patch today. Both the drillers (OSX) and the integrated oils (XOI) are jammin'. This input--and the potential for an oil shock--has been all but ignored by market prognosticators.

  • The Pats and Cats. I'll admit that I have a bone to pick with New England (tuck this!) but, with that said, doesn't Carolina remind you a lot of the Marlins? No respect.

  • We saw a macro buy 1,000,000 SPY (think Austin Powers) leaning against the overnight GLOBEX low.

  • Dragon Flies have six legs but can't walk. That's gotta frustrate the hell out of 'em.

  • Demi looked much better in About Last Night than she does these days. It's not about age, it's about being au natural.

  • Breadth has edged back a flat posture.

  • I don't get excited that easily but the coming changes to Minyanville are insane. In addition to an expanded "News and Views," the "Buzz and Banter" feature will act as a running chat (something like an Instant Message) among the Minyanville professors. The quick blurbs, insights and observations will be featured there. Further, we'll have font controls, IM alerts, consolidated recaps, the University of Minyanville (free for all) and the elementary school opening. If all goes according to plan, this will all happen the week of February 16th.

  • I'm joining my favorite Cowboy as his guest at the rodeo next weekend. I can't (and won't) watch the calf roping--skeeves me out--but the rest should be alotta fun.

  • "The public preference for stock is not only as marked as ever, but also the will to speculate is still a speculative factor not to be overlooked. The prompt return of huge speculation and the liberal manner in which earnings are again being discounted indicate that it will be difficult to quench the fires of stock market enthusiasm for long."- Barron's, March 24, 1930

  • I'm not sure anybody will even flinch when the fire sparks in the crowded theater.

  • Is it me or does the word "prognosticator" have a disturbing connotation.

  • Carter Mansbach--go left!

  • I was watching the HBO special on Joe Louis. I highly recommend it to sports fans.


  • We're about to announce a new beneficiary of the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education. I'll tell ya, there is something very heartwarming about helping the kids and honoring my grandfather in the process.

  • The analysts chased 'em up, followed them down and now, shockingly, they're chasing 'em up.

  • Brian's salient observations remain the single biggest thorns in Boo's side. He's as sharp as they get...a venerable coup for MSHowells & Co.!

  • The flexpiration argument continues to make the rounds and will surely get louder if Snapper pulls a Peyton.

  • Ron Jeremy is Jewish?

  • Are the bears waiting for S&P 1150-1160 before getting involved?

  • Minyanville is now in over sixty countries and over 160 word of mouth. Our readers mean the world to us and we hope to return the favor. Please continue to spread the word and we'll do our best to reciprocate!
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