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Freaky Friday Potpourri


Try to use prices to your advantage and if you don't have a discernable edge, don't play for the sake of playing.


Random Thoughts…

  • I don't "like" the Patriots (think Snow Bowl, tuck rule, bad calls) but I gotta give it up for Bill Belichick. Sharp cookie.

  • Buy the rumor, sell the news? Sure seems that way in tech, as Apple and IBM can attest. Remember, the market is a discounting mechanism and, with 9000 hedge funds, crowded into catalysts.

  • Try to use prices to your advantage and if you don't have a discernible edge, don't play for the sake of playing. The fear of missing is a sexy but deadly siren.

  • We had a slew of unanswered questions on the TD-Ameritrade Minyan Huddle/Webcast. If we didn't answer your query, please shoot 'em in and we'll do our best.

  • For what it's worth and so it's said, I thought Boom Boom Bernanke was pretty forthright in his commentary yesterday. Not that anyone listened, but it was a nice departure from the typical jaw-bone vernacular we've come to expect from the FOMC.

  • Tells today include Citigroup (which seems to be thus far isolated from the rest of its financial brethren), the nets (as goes Google...), Schlumberger (for the drillers), the greenback and, of course, our emerging market proxies (EEM, TRF, ).

  • "When are you going to learn? Last time you disrespected the Gators, you lost our bet on the Final Four and National Championship. Do you have to learn another lesson? Here's the wager: $250 to Ruby Peck Foundation from me if OSU wins the National Championship. If the Gators win, you apologize on the site and vow to never disrespect the Gators again and you include one random thought per day for 10 straight trading days giving some praise of the University of Florida ." Minyan Charlie Poe

    I'm Sorry! I vow never to disrespect the Gators again!

  • The longer the CRB churns under 293, the more likely that the recent "back and forth" is a churn. Note to self: remember this when Weatherford again tests $40 (for purposes of 'trading around' my position)

  • After initiating a partial position in SunMicro into yesterday's weakness, I'm scaling into further exposure as a function of price. Nothing nutty, just respecting the process, and I've got shorts/puts on the other side of my ledger lest the market punky brewsters. Remember, $5.65 was the 'double top' from 2004 and textbook technical analysis dictates buying breakouts upon the retest. Not advice, obviously, just sharing the process.

Answers I Really Wanna Know…

And finally, a Mini-Minyan Mailbag from a South Florida Minyan…


I had a very chilling experience yesterday, attending the memorial service for my next door neighbor's 28-year old son who sadly took his own life under tragic circumstances. We work hard, but we need to work to is about friends and family, and once again today I am reminded that it is both precious and short.

Might I suggest a word from you to our fellow Minyans this weekend. Let us not forget that the journey is what life's about, and to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Do something Joel this weekend, commit a random act of kindness to a stranger, call an old friend, bury a grudge, play with your kids, walk your dog...enjoy!!!

Thanks for letting me get that out. :)


G Man, Minyan to the core.

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