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Cool Hand Luke


Sock Statue??!?


Lately I've been running on faith
What else can a poor boy do?
But my world will be right
When love comes over you

(Eric Clapton)

The Minx is biding her time and you get the sense that, sooner or later, Snappers gonna give the upside a run for his money. Will the trippy tortoise be able to turn the tape? I've been weighing that question all day and, as it stands, my inclination is to fade rallies. When my stochastics stop flashing OR I see some fear that's not related to missing the upside, I'll rethink my posture. Until then, I'm furry and worried.

That, of course, isn't to say I'm going to make blind bets. While we've failed (again) at break out city, a couple of good reports from corporate America will cause the tape to spike, Lee. It's important to always allow for a margin of error when crafting a thesis and I'm quite conscious of the gorillas in our midst. With IBM, GE, MSFT all getting set to take the podium, the fireworks have only just begun!

The breadth has improved marginally and stocks are attempting to find a level. I've seen some decent buyers lurking around S&P 915 and that level, coupled with former support (S&P 922) is the zone I'm focusing on. All the while, my eyes continue to migrate between BAC, MSFT, INTC, FNM, the dollar and this statue of Daisy. Sock Statue!!!

It just continues to continue, my friends...and to think, we're only half way through this week. Quick little trivia question for ya: How many countries currently have registered Minyans? One guess per person, cookie, and the winner gets their choice of a free Tee! Send your responses into

Good luck!

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