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Random Thoughts


With everyone focusing on earning's, is that TOO obvious of a catalyst?


  • We're implementing technology that will allow you to manually adjust the font size on Minyanville. Coming soon!

  • Keep an eye on those banks...BKX 800 is within spittin' distance and if we take it out, the games will surely begin.

  • I can't stop watching the David Gilmour Live DVD.

  • I used to think the nurse (Dixie McCall) on Emergency was cute. Rampart!

  • The FTSE is down again.

  • The macro hedge fund flow has been surprisingly quiet today.

  • Will Intel be a classic "sell on the news" or is it the "big bad event" that we need to get out of the way before the bulls can resume the stampede?

  • In response to the influx of emails, I must admit that Packer fans are right up there with Raider fans. Mea culpa.

  • If you're getting bullish on upticks and bearish on downticks, flatten out.

  • Does anybody else want to short LeBron James?

  • The sushi isn't here yet...and I'm hearing chatter that Martin mugged the delivery guy.

  • Do the bears feel stupid enough for there to be a sell-off?

  • She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes...and I knew without askin' she was into the blues.

  • The "bogey" (over/under) on Intel's capex tonight is 4.2 billion.

  • The flickering ticks may put food on your table, but it's more important to fill the seats with good friends. In that vein, I'm psyched to see Shrubs, Lappy, Spitz and Lionel tonight!

  • Randy's here...gotta hop!
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