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Random Thoughts


Good luck down the homestretch!

  • If magazine covers are a contra-indicator, could there be one more zoom before the boom?

  • Boo is sporting a new lid as we edge into 2006.

  • The Minx is fluxy in midday trading as we weigh tough words on the evolving Iran situation. The question for investors is whether a risk premium will be priced into the tape (it isn't with the VXO at 11).

  • "The difference between you and me is that I'm a longer-term type. I waited six years for Apple (AAPL) to kick in and I have the same mindset in SunMicro (SUNW)." -- Minyanville President Kevin Wassong.

    Good point, Prez, and one that speaks to the importance of having your risk profile mimic your time horizon. As discussed, I entered today's fray with the Texas hedge on (long calls, long stock).

    As my February options have an element of decay (and as I added a "common" component to my position near $4.50), I'm using today's jig (+8%) to peel out of some of the option exposure I added at lower levels. The stock? I don't know if I'll have six years worth of patience but I'm happy to stock it away for the time being.

    Just keepin' ye faithful up...

  • Is "oh brother" watching?

  • You can take the girl out of Texas but...

  • Not shrimp, DUCK!

  • "Yesterday I wrote, Gold looks very well supported again at 540 and it appears likely we'll make a new high for the move in the next 48 hours. Well, the low was 541.40 and we're seeing a new high now - gotta get one right every now and again I suppose." Aussie Laurie McGuirk on today's Buzz

  • IBM still feels like it's got a date with destiny at $81. That's the 200-day and the right shoulder of some textbook dandruff.

  • Keep an eye on the BKX (below 106) and the XBD (above 200) as we ready for next week's financial earnings avalanche. Citigroup (C) remains a key tell as it toggles between $48 and $50.

  • Speaking of piggies...

  • I remember when the FOMC started easing. Alotta folks bought 'em on a reflex and got burned.

  • There's nothing wrong with a little pizza on our time.

  • Our current web digs have been good to the critters. The nextgen platform will take them into a new stratosphere.

  • Keep an eye on the CRB as it sits on acne support.

  • Not a good time to lose one's head!

  • I'm entering the meat of the earnings season with a slew of gamma and a (somewhat) relaxed grip on the handlebars. Next week should see an uptick in volatility as we hear the state of the union from a wide range of sectors.

  • Happy Birthday Billy Meehan!

  • Fare ye well into the bell and have a fantastic weekend.

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