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Hump Day Randoms!


Emotion is the enemy when trading!


  • Investor's Intelligence is out with their weekly sentiment survey and the bulls are still ruling the roost (59.4 vs. prev 62.9). Boo, while a bit more popular, remains a bit of a loner (22.9 vs. prev. 20.6).

  • "The US curve is the flattest since Sept. 2001. And the UK and AUD curves are already inverted. When does the recession talk begin? Do you see any other reason the curve would flatten this much and invert in other major countries? Will asset deflation/outright deflation concerns be at the forefront this summer?" Minyan MB.

  • There's no place like gnome.

  • Levels to monitor: BKX 102 (100), S&P 1183, NDX 1560, Russell 612 (Nov lows), CYC 757 (50-day), Silver $6.62 (200-day) and crude $45.80 (50-day).

  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Pass the Herb!

  • I'm confident that 200-day moving averages will be a focus for the equity averages at some point in 2005.

  • As with anything, time will be the ultimate arbiter of that financial fate.

  • I was really dunk at my wedding!

  • This is my I-pod. There are many like it but this one is mine.

  • Karate Succo! (Rest easy sir.)

  • Apple (AAPL:NASD) $61.50ish is an important level (50-day and December support).

  • Gold and energy? Me love 'em long-term. Risk: deflation (25%)

  • Talking to a senior guy on the Street last night, he told me that 'real money' flows did, in fact, come into the market last week but the hedgies chewed it up and hocked it back as they unwound macro exposure.

  • Uh...?

  • EPMD never got snaps they deserved.

  • I try to do something Joel every day.

  • The Intel (INTC:NASD) report was "good 'nuff" vs. expectations and field position. The trick will be in assimilating the "relative worth" of the fundamentals in the metric totem pole. Truth be told, I would have thought the futes would be "greener" than they are given the recent action. A sign of supply or, at the very least, a precursor to a probe?

  • Tech stochastics are bullish. The landscape (VXO) is fragile. Knife fight anyone?

  • Weekday with Bernie!

  • "Let's be clear on this... THIS qtr for Intel will be ok... it's the future (which is what we buy stocks for) that's the problem... and the inventory on the balance sheet... which means production is too high and needs to come down, which will hammer gross margins." Professor Bill Fleckenstein, written yesterday on his alway insightful website.

  • Sorry Collins! (No salt added.)

  • Hey baby, it's the gown!

  • Am I showing my age when I say that I remember when Public Enemy launched?

  • Sorry Sean---the Cristal is on the way but this I simply had to say.

  • I've got flavor and all those things you know...yeah boy, part two bum rush the show.

  • I'm traveling the remainder of the week and will leave the 'Ville in the capable hands of my fellow professors and those frisky critters. Good luck in the muck, Minyans, and we'll circle up on Tuesday.
  • Hit 'em hard!

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