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Random Thoughts


Wanna see my brand?


  • Time is the ultimate arbiter of fate.

  • Yankee haters of the world unite!

  • Out of the 37 analysts covering Intel (INTC:NASD), 34 of them have a "hold" or better rating and only three have a "sell" or worse

  • 61 days left until selection Sunday!

  • Bin Missing.

  • S&P 1183 (50-day) is today's Cliff Branch. Do I think it'll hold? Gun to head: no (internals are fugly) BUT expect posturing into the Mother Chip (INTC:NASD). That adds an element of uncertainty.

  • Fear? Come on now...the VXO is up a whopping point one-nine.

  • A reporter, interviewing neighbors of the people whose St. Croix Falls, WI home was condemned after being overrun with 450 cats, found that most neighbors had failed to notice the house's putrid smell. Several said that the awful odor from the neighborhood's fish hatchery and sewage treatment plant probably overrode the nearly-as-awful odor of the house. (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

  • "The intra-day tick charts show a small base developing from the 5th of January through Monday on the SPX. The market attempted to break out of that range yesterday, but failed to hold (a negative). Very little about yesterday's price action was reassuring, breadth was mediocre, the breakout level failed to hold and volume flows were well below the levels seen on previous days marred by weakness." Jeff DeGraaf of Lehman Brothers

  • Social insecurity.

  • When I lose ten pounds...

  • Team Minyan bought me an I-Pod for the holidays and I finally figured out how to work it. NOT what an A.D.D trader in a sensory overloaded environment needs!

  • Big level for white lightning (silver 200-day at $6.62)

  • Children of the scorn.

  • Note to self: the "M" stands for "magnetic."

  • Bored?

  • Advanced Micro (AMD:NYSE) gapped right to the 200-day ($15.74). Self-fulfilling technicals! Keep in mind that this name is responsible for four of the eight negative SOX index points.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "If, as you believe, a key moment will be when the sea change of perception "gets" that debt-financed excess consumption is not the same as genuine economic growth, we may be closer than anyone thinks. Because our largest sources of credit (Asia) already see this for what it is, as is discussed at length in here along with the whole role of the U.S. military-industrial complex role in the whole game. Minyan JB"

  • Duck!

  • Stringer Systems (STIY:NASD) and Law Enforcement (LENF:NASD) have stolen some of Taser Intl's (TASR:NASD) thunder on the heels of this latest zap.

  • The all-important banks are hanging by their toes. If this level fails to hold, "BKX par" (100) becomes the most important level in the universe.

  • Ditto INDU 10,600 (next stop 10,400).

  • There has been some serious carnage in the former small-cap high fliers. Unwind of the mark-up attempt or a sign of dissipating liquidity?

  • Jens Orback, Sweden's minister for integration and gender equality, who had been under fire for not being aggressive on the job, denied on the radio program "Ekot" that he was intolerant of sexual minorities. Said Orback: "I had a wonderful aunt who lived in Canada with a horse. I thought it was wonderful. Let people live as they wish." Later, attempting to explain himself, Orback insisted that the aunt's relationship with the horse was platonic. (The Local - Sweden's News in English)

  • Collins Trading Radar.

  • Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips!

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag:"Dear Mr. Succo, Volatility will not be affected by the introduction of the new SPY options, but what about liquidity of SP500 futures? Is it possible that the SPY options will steal volume from the SP500 futures in a significant way? Thanks, Minyan Shannon" MS--No--first of all, SPY options have been around for at least a year; the CBOE introduction is just a market share ploy. Ironically, S&P options are practically the same (except they are cash settled) as SPY options, so the CBOE could be cannibalizing its own product. Secondly, the introduction of options most likely will increase the liquidity of futures as new speculators/hedgers trade options and market makers then trade futures to hedge their deltas.

  • I'll be back after a quick nap.

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