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Shocker, Fokker!


What, prey tell, are you thinking Toddo?


I gotta tell ya, this is one minxy market! After their sloppy performance yesterday, one woulda thunk that the semis would be the fugly group du jour. Perhaps that thought is too easy and, as we know, nuttin's easy in this tape, honey.

Semi's aside, Cisco also stands out as a "dry" stock today and that warrants a mention. However, there's plenty on the left side of the ledger as well. A quick check of the morning breadth shows losers spankin' winners 2:1 and that's been THE tell of late.

My gut? I think it's a tad too early to rally and I'm gonna slip that other leg into my bear costume. That's 2 appendages (50% conviction on the short side) and if I see the banks turn (higher) or the internals improve, I'll stop it out. Hey...everyone's bullish--it wouldn't be like me to play along!

Hope this finds you well.

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