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Minyanville Underground Railroad: Murmur


A Tribute to Bennet Sedacca.


Bennet Sedacca


Quite obviously, this is a tragic week in Minyanville as we lay to rest one of our own, Bennet Sedacca.

I write this missive from the Big Dog's seat at Atlantic Advisors in Orlando, where I've spent the last few days with Nancy, Michael, Katie and the rest of his clan. Please know that his family is being surrounded with love and white light from our community and beyond.

Due to necessary prioritization, I've yet to assimilate the feedback received after last week's Murmurs. I intend to do that in the weeks to come but will take our journey one step at a time with an eye to the "important stuff." Indeed, a little perspective goes a long way.

As I sit at his desk, reading the sticky notes taped to his turret, "Do not trade the SDS," "Never trade just to trade" and "Economic history is a never-ending series of episodes based on falsehoods, not truths," amongst others, I am attempting to craft a fitting eulogy for Friday's funeral. I will speak from the heart and on behalf of our entire community.

As the core construct of Minyanville- and the MUR in particular- is predicated on the basic premise that all we have is our name and our word, I would like to share a poem that Bennet had framed on his wall, given to him by his father on his Bar Mitzvah. And I quote

Your Name

  • You got it from your father
  • It was all he had to give
  • So it is yours to use and cherish
  • For as long as you may live,
  • If you lose the watch he gave you
  • It can always be replaced
  • But a black mark on your name son
  • Can never be erased
  • It was clean the day you took it
  • And a worthy name to bear
  • When he got it from his father
  • There was no dishonor there
  • So make sure you use it wisely
  • After all is said and done
  • You will be glad the name is spotless
  • When you give it to your son

It has been a wild week for the markets and there is much to discuss. I will personally pick that process up on Monday but for now, with regard to the Railroad, I would like to leave you with those wonderful words.

As always, I hope this finds you well,


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