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Political News: Boehner Speaks Out on Possible Credit Downgrade


Also, Sheldon Adelson isn't supporting Mitt Romney so much as investing in him.


CNN Election Center
Link: Dems Get Boost as Both Parties Seek to Leverage Conventions
"For Democrats who gathered at their convention in the swing state of North Carolina, the high glitz extravaganza watched by millions on television was a partisan infomercial that has paid off, for the moment, in energizing their voters.

"For Republicans who convened in the battleground state of Florida, the impact on the party faithful of their event has waned.

"The Democratic convention in Charlotte last week revved up the base as a CNN/ORC International poll released Monday showed more Democrats than Republicans were enthusiastic about voting."

Washington Times
Link: Selling Health Care Law Tricky On Campaign Trail
"President Obama's health care law has helped millions of Americans obtain insurance coverage, prescription-drug discounts and premium rebates - but with only part of the overhaul in place and widespread confusion about what it does, the administration is still struggling to sell it to voters.

"In the 2½ years since Mr. Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, the administration has been frenetic in highlighting tangible benefits. On Tuesday, it announced that Americans saved $1 billion from rate increases that never happened but could have if the law didn't force companies to publicly justify any increases.

"But the heftiest parts of the law, including a massive Medicaid expansion and the insurance exchanges estimated to cover 40 million uninsured, won't take effect until well after the November election, meaning most Americans aren't seeing major changes."
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