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Overview of Tata AIG Car Insurance



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It is difficult not to mention Tata AIG car Insurance policies when talking about some of the India's most popular and bestselling car insurance plans. In fact, Tata AIG constantly ranks alongside India's best car insurance service providers. But why is this company so popular? We're sure this answer is going to pleasantly surprise you and delight you in equal measures.

Tata AIG car insurance plans come packed with a host of benefits and features to ensure comprehensive coverage and maximum savings for the policy holders. In addition, the wide range of appealing add on covers and hefty discounts makes Tata AIG car insurance plans such a revered commodity amongst car insurance seekers in the country.

Tata AIG car insurance policies offer comprehensive financial protection against losses/damages and injury caused due to an accident. The comprehensive coverage ensures that the car and owner are covered in the event of any damages caused to the insured car and its accessories.

Here's a brief overview of Tata AIG car insurance to get you acquainted with the bestselling points that make this company a class apart from the crowd.

Easy & Convenient Claim Procedure

Tata AIG car insurance plans make it easy for the policy holders to make a claim for any losses or damages caused to the insured car. The company provides 24/7 and friendly customer support service to make it easy for customers to get in touch with the company representatives anytime they are looking to make a claim. In fact, a large number of customer testimonials peppered around the Internet name company's easy claim management one of its biggest USP. Within 48 hours of filing the claim, surveyors, appointed by the company, assess the quantum and extent of damages caused to the insured car. In addition, the cashless network garage facility makes it easy for policy holders to directly get the insured car repaired without having to run from pillar to post and without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Hefty Discounts

Yet another feature that makes Tata AIG car insurance such a hot property amongst car insurance seekers in the country is the hefty and huge discounts offered by the company on renewals and new policy purchases. In addition, the attractive No Claims Bonus discount is available to policy holder for each claim-free year. Furthermore, the company offers huge discounts to those who choose to install anti-theft devices in their cars. And that's not all! Members of registered automobile associations in the country also qualify for huge discounts on the premium rate. But the best part is that these discounts and savings are available to the policy holders throughout the year.

Great Add-on Covers

You'll be surprised to know that Tata AIG car insurance provides a broad range of add-on covers to ensure comprehensive security and financial protection for the policy holders. These add-on covers may be purchased to add an extra layer of protection to the standard car insurance plans offered by Tata AIG. These add-on covers not only come handy in the event of an emergency, but also provide ad hoc services including emergency transportation to the owner of the insured car and towing services in case of mechanical or electrical breakdowns.

Friendly Customer Support

Okay, let's face it- it is difficult to talk to the unfriendly and unwelcoming customer support representatives of many car insurance companies. We're sure every car owner must have gone through some or the other experience where they got further frustrated due to the sheer negligence and rudeness of the customer support representatives. But this really could be a big issue when you're faced with an emergency and the customer support representative you're talking to is not friendly and supportive. This is where Tata AIG car insurance company makes a cut above the rest. The company employs uber friendly staff that is often ready to jump into action and help out the customers. It is easy to reach out to the Tata AIG car insurance representatives via company's toll free number. But excellence of Tata AIG doesn't really stop here. The company provides on-ground support in the event of an emergency in the form of assistance for towing the insured vehicle, locating a nearby accommodation and arranging means of transportation for the car owner in the event of a major breakdown.

Easy Policy Management

Last but certainly not the least; Tata AIG car insurance policies are available online under a single window. It is easy to manage your car insurance account online. You can make renewals, premium payments, file claims and a lot more with just a few clicks and within a few minutes via your online car insurance account. You can also check out your claim's status, change or modify your contact details and buy an add-on cover with easy to use online tools from Tata AIG car insurance.

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