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How to choose a topic for research paper



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But one should understand and consider it as privilege, though an overwhelming one, in researching a new project as one gets to learn and uncover something that nobody else has ever discovered. Researching for a new topic should not be treated as a waste of time as it is helpful in saving your time since a research in a particular field can prove to be a point of reference for other related topics in the same field as well.

It is a matter of understanding that the potential of generating a good research topic is a matter of a genuine skill. There are possibilities that you may be allocated with a particular topic, but mostly tutors prefer that the topics are chosen by their students depending upon the areas of their interest.

But also keep in mind that choosing a new topic is not a haphazard job. The topic of the assignment should be interesting, gripping and referring to the content within, hence should be concise and focused.

There are a few things to be considered before choosing a new topic for research.

  • Know and decide upon your area of interest:
  • Choosing a topic should be based on area which intimidates and excites you. If the topic is boring for you, the content would definitely be boring for your readers.
  • To know your personal favorite areas of interest ask yourself some general questions like what do you like whether your interest lies in the field of politics or sports or commercial cinema etc. Or you may be following a current hot controversial story which has you in knots which you would like to write about. Make a note of the points or concepts that you think could form into an interesting topic and also be sure not to choose for easy, repetitive or overused topics. Avoid highly sensitive and social topics like teen problems, abortion etc. unless the content of your topic that does not hurt anybody's sentiments.
  • Preparations for choosing a topic:

"Be prepared" is the motto of every dedicated research writer. Simplify and narrow down the topics you are considering for your research. Refer a general encyclopedia about the list of topics you have made and look for related matter on the topics. A good place to start would be the site where you can not only find references for your chosen topics but also ideas for new topics as well. It is a good idea to brainstorm for keywords relating to the topics you have set aside as consideration for research writing.

  • Wider search for reference:

Look into newspapers or current magazines which relate to your chosen topics to look for reference articles from. Advanced technologies also can help in your research like the search engines which can be highly beneficial to search for reference for related topics on the internet. As of now the most trending search engines are considered to be Google and Bing.

In a few words I would like to state that a topic must be so chosen so as to interest the writes as well as the reader and the reference

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