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Officeworks Packaging Supplies- An Asset to Drive Corporates



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When talking technically about the officeworks packaging supplies, the tapes and adhesives can be treated as majorly used element. Adhesives are used for different purposes for multiple types of material and its use. Choosing the right adhesives can meet your requirements and business needs for optimal clinging and suitable price.

Choosing the Finest Adhesive

When selecting an adhesive tape, it is important to consider specific area of application to fulfill your expectations. Here are some issues you may need to consider:

  • Compatibility of a material surface like metal, plastic, or fabric with an adhesive tape.
  • The tape needs to be checked to ensure that it withstands various surroundings including indoors, outing, temperature, humidity, UV radiation and salt water. The improper use may result in accelerated aging of straps and adhesive.
  • Check temperature at accumulation and upon further use because extremely low or high temperature lead to quick changes in growth temperatures.
  • Presence of chemicals such as oils, acids, alkalis, and many more.
  • To ensure durability of adhesive bonds.
  • Make sure that the adhesive may not remain on a carrier or glued surface.
  • Forces acting on bonding interface, like tensile, pressure or shearing.
  • It is subject to mechanical stress.
  • Method of adhesive tapes application.

Carrier and Adhesive- 2 Important Criteria for Defining Adhesives

Carriers are classified in below formats:

  • Foam- Perfect as an adhesive on uneven surfaces.
  • Tissue- It is easy to tear and water resistant adhesive.
  • Screen- It is non-stretchable and good cling.
  • Polyester- A highly resistive adhesive which is used in most cases.
  • No carrier- With a thin coating, it imparts a transparent and adaptable behavior.

Adhesive Types

  • Water-based Acrylics- They are the mix of acrylic polymers and different additives that are suitable for adhesion onto almost every surface. With an application temperature of about 90° C, they are perfect choice for outdoor use.
  • Hot melt- It is a unique mix of synthetic rubber, natural resin, carbon dioxide and various additives. There are several crucial properties of hot-melt adhesives that make them an optimum adhesive choice for most surfaces.
  • Silicon- It is mostly used in the cases where moisture resistance is required and it adheres to low surface energy surfaces.

Application areas of Adhesive tape

  • A tape of right choice.
  • Optimum adhesive storage for best properties.
  • Adhesive tape should be applied in a clean area and free from dust, grease or adhesive residues.
  • Protective film must be removed before taking into use.
  • Contact with the adhesive layer has been prevented with the use of protective equipment.
  • It must be applied with an even pressure all over the surface.
  • Ultimate bond strength is gained in maximum 48 hours.

From the above discussion, it can be easily concluded that buying officeworks packaging supplies over the web has several benefits. Just explore the web and utilize the enormous available options.

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