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Corporate Responsibility and Point of Pride: Being Green



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Corporations take occupational safety and industrial hygiene seriously. Finding ways to most effectively remove chemicals and elements from workplaces and products is a matter of environmental and human survival. How companies adhere to the regulations and their attitude about complying tells a great deal about a company's business ethics.

Sustainability is another approach to corporate commitment that shows respect for the earth's resources by avoiding waste and reducing environmental impact.

Healthy Approach to Compliance

With an alphabet soup of regulations, companies must take restrictions seriously. The difference can be an environment with clean air, water, earth, and healthy living creatures, both human and animal. Or, the opposite, an environment where humans wear face masks in the course of their daily life, as in industrial areas of China.

In decades past, toxic wastes were dumped with no regard for the impact on humans living in the area. The Love Canal in New York State, which was found as a source for major public health issues, was a symbol of how corporations abused the environment and, as a result, the people living in the vicinity.

In popular culture, such as Julia Robert's starring role in the film, "Erin Brockovich," awareness of a power company's dumping of waste in a water supply brought additional attention to those problems. Companies are now liable if they violate regulations and laws that were put in place.

With the advent of the internet, information is instantly available. People vote with their wallets; for example, a restaurant that doesn't adhere to proper service and health standards might never recover from a poor rating.

This interconnectivity creates an expectation that companies will operate in a "transparent" way, meeting regulations and producing safe and healthy products.

How a company chooses to show its face to the world tells a great deal about their approach to people, products, and business.

"As a corporation, we respect the Earth and its resources. We produce our products in a way that has a low impact on resources, for both humans and the environment. We see ourselves as environmental stewards, who, in addition to following the laws and regulations, provide meaningful input and mindful development and use of products for the good of our employees, our corporation, our customers, and the world," says Steve Sanghi, chairman of the board, president, and CEO of Microchip.

Especially in technological industries, where millions of components are created to build smartphones, equipment, and other items on the market, corporate pride and responsibility are shown in numerous ways in "being green" and sustainable.

To examine how a company chooses to present itself, a review of the corporate website can provide an immediate overview of how the firm is positioned on issues concerning sustainability, safety - both in the products produced and the environment in which they are produced, and the interest in the wellbeing of employees, corporate suppliers, and end users. Review the following to learn more about a company:

  • Is the company forthcoming with information? On corporate websites, is information easy to find? Are there links to additional materials?
  • Is information shown on their website? Do meaningful statements prominently appear? Is the information verifiable? Is the message consistent across all audiences from suppliers to end users?
  • How much detail is provided? Do reports, statements, charts, graphs, and examples of compliance with regulations appear?
  • Are contacts accessible for more information? Are there names and departments shown where further information may be obtained? Are examples given where the corporation has shown concern for their employees and their health and well-being?
  • What is the commitment to environmental stewardship? In addition to corporate statements, are additional programs that relate to compliance with laws and environmental concerns, plus OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance shown for the safety of the working environment? Do the materials available indicate a corporate willingness to voluntarily adhere and promote safety and sustainability - for both humans and the environment?

Attitude is a major component that can be seen in how a corporation represents itself. The true commitment to health, safety, and sustainability can be seen thought the projects and examples that span the entire organization.

Through the years, more items are identified as being hazardous to health and the environment. A definite commitment to follow - and lead - when possible, in the effort to integrate product and workplace safety as part of a corporate mission is essential to our businesses and world survival.

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