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Two Exciting Tech Subsectors to Look out for in 2017



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2017 has already proven to be an exciting year for the stock market, with first quarter growth across a number of sectors and the Dow Jones' long-awaited crossing of the threshold of 20,000 points both pointing to good things to come. The technology sector is especially promising, as it tends to grow much quicker than the overall market as a whole. Although many companies in this broad sector are purely speculative because they have yet to generate income or even revenue, there is room for large investor gains when one knows where to look. Technology as a market sector covers a wide range of exciting new inventions and discoveries across all aspects of our lives. Some of the most intriguing places to look for potential investments in the tech sector are in subsectors in which technology intersects with other market sectors such as medicine or finance. Two compelling subsectors that come to mind are biotech and fintech.


Biotechnology (biotech) is a promising area for investment in 2017 as a number of companies are poised to deliver groundbreaking new inventions across a variety of areas including medicine, agriculture, and energy. Medical biotech in particular is exciting because as a field it seeks to address the medical needs of an aging US population as well as cure the diseases which afflict all mankind. One important point to consider is that much depends on clinical trials and government approval of the products that medical biotech companies seek to bring to market. Companies have been made or broken at these crucial junctures. For speculative investors who seek a large return on investment it literally pays to do your research and find individuals companies that show promise.

One company that fits this description is VBI Vaccines Inc. (VBIV), Sci-B-Vac, this company's hepatitis B vaccine, passed a number of clinical trials with flying colors in both Canada and Europe. As such, VBI Vaccines has recently seen its shares double in value. They are now seeking FDA evaluation and approval for the Sci-B-Vac Phase III study, which marks a critical time to seize the day and invest.


Financial Technology (fintech) is an emerging player in the investment scene, as both the financial and technology sectors have seen recent upswings. As the market as a whole does well, the financial services industry tends to boom also since since its earnings and profits are highly correlated with GDP growth. As previously indicated, the tech sector is also thriving because "software is eating the world". With the prevalence of new high technology and the convenience it brings to our daily lives, it makes perfect sense that the financial industry must evolve as well. Another reason the financial sector must adapt is that it currently faces a somewhat heavy regulatory environment in wake of the 2008 Great Recession. The combined influence of the need to embrace modern tech with the regulations faced by this sector has already led to a number of noteworthy mergers in the financial exchange, online brokerage, asset management, and insurance industries. Companies that are adaptable enough to produce viable tech-based interactions for their services could have a leg up, which is why fintech is worth a strong look in 2017.

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