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How to choose the best English essay topics that can upgrade your scores



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Many at times the instructor himself specifies the topic of the essay but when it comes to wrting a term paper or sometimes even while writing a regular essay you might be given a choice of choosing the topic of your own. Therefore, to make your work a lot easier here's a list of various English essay topics for you. Even we provide you with some awesomene tips on how to pick appropriate topic of your own.



You'll definitely face problems and difficulties in studying if you have a bad and unpleasant duty towards educational process. Thus, first thing you need to do is change you're interest towards this process and define the range of your interest. One should take education as an opportunity to develop your mind as well as to make research of life. This does not mean that you should do only one thing that is studying, its just that you never know what can serve you well in the future. You should meet you're friends, have some hobbies and infact you should travel and live life fully. If you have an ability of choosing the topic of you're own then you should go fir the topic which excites you the most. This will help you in developing skills. Choose a topic which you're fond of such as if you enjoy drawing then choose art as an topic or if you enjoy sports then go for topic of healthy food or something similar to that nature.


Try to make you're vast topic more specific. If you decide an topic on an interesting issue then make sure that you try to make it more specific. One should keep in mind that they shouldn't write baout love or music or sports in general. One should try to make these wide topics more specific. You should explore only one aspect in you're essay. For example if one opts a topic about love then you should specify which love they are talking about. Such as one can opt the topic about influence of the lack of parental love to the child's future relationship.


Make sure that you take a comment from you're instructor on the topic you choose. Take a help from you're instructor. Make sure that you're topic corresponds with the instructors expectation. You're instructor may also make some changes to make you're topic look more scholarly.


You can also get more such creative topic on

â- Do you think thay human cloning should be allowed? If so then why or why not? If you're answer is yes then would you like to clone yourself?

â- What is the importance of social media on today's communication? What is you're opinion about appearance of social networks, people became closer or not?

â- What is your opinion about robots? Will humans use robots for cooking, walking the dog, etc in everyday life in the future? What consequences would be faced in the future?

â- What is your opinion about happiness? What do you think about success is it equal to happiness? What are the factors that influence people the most and what makes them happy?

â- Does real friendship exists between genders? Or is it called as love?

â- What is bravery according to you? Have you ever met a really brave person? Would like to be brave?

â- What is the actual cause for obesity? How to deal with this issue? How to overcome this problem?

â- Should be parent's be punished for nit carrying their child's Nutrition? What are the neccesaary steps to be taken by the government to encourage adults to feed their children with healthy food?

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