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5 Tips for Aspiring Mobile App Developers to Create a Superior App



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The use of desktops has been on a gradual decline over the past few years with handheld devices especially smartphones responsible for this. With over half of the Internet population using handheld devices to access the websites and other services, it is imperative for the developers of the mobile apps to use this factor to their advantage. There are many aspects that an app developer need to take care of in creating a perfect app.

Let me offer you 5 tips so that you can get to know how developers can come up with a good app so that it can be lapped up by the end users.

1. A Small Playing Field

The screen size of a smartphone starts at around 3 inches and the app developer doesn't have much screen size to play with so that he needs to develop an app keeping in mind these dimensions. Desktop application developers have a large screen size of at least 13 inches so that their playing field is quite large but developing an app is not that easy. App developers need to fit in a lot of things in the small size of smartphone screens and that's the first challenge the have to cope up with.

This is in quite contrast to website designing for desktops aspect as app development is an altogether other field. The above mentioned scenario is one reason why developers need to apply the minimalist approach as getting only the most important things in the app is what makes them proficient in their work.

2. Accuracy

Majority of smartphone users use their finger or multiple fingers to navigate an app. So one of the primary job for an app developer is that he must create an app that allows for accuracy when it comes to the use of the fingers in navigating any app. That's where UI comes into play as it must be designed that offer extreme precision and accuracy. The UI displaying enlarge interaction points rather than usual ones is another requirement that a developer needs to focus on.

3. Memory and Storage

Memory and storage are critical factors that can give real jitters to the end users. While smartphones having 6 to 8 GB of RAM and huge internal memory up to 256 GB are now offered by many manufacturers, these specifications are of high-end flagship models which many people can't afford or use for other reasons.

The developer need to keep in mind that end users install a large number of apps on their smartphones and using them simultaneously can hamper the performance of app developed by them. So they need to keep an eye on this aspect while coding any app.

4. Layout and Smooth Flow

With a small playing field as mentioned above in the initial 3 points, developers need to create multiple screens and a navigation system. This is imperative as they can't fit everything in a single screen. Multiple screens are required to make sure all the important stuff is there in the app.

5. An Ultimate Experience

If you will search on the Google Play Store or the App Store, you can find thousands of apps in any category. But only the ones which offer the end users the best experience in terms of usage, visibility and convenience in use are lapped up by them. A superior user experience is what they need and really appreciate. When a smartphone user will really enjoy using an app and get full value for the money, he will definitely recommend it to his friends.

The word of mouth is one way that can make sure an app can go viral in no time at all. Ultimately, this is every developer's dream of and providing a fantastic experience to the end users is the key to reaching this pinnacle in app development.

Final Word:

I will be anxiously waiting for the valuable feedback from the readers of this blog so that I can make it even better in the future. Please use the comments section below in this regard.

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This article published in collaboration with Scutify, the best app for traders and investors. Download the Scutify iOS App, the Scutify Android App or visit

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