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Few creative writing tips to unleash your writing talent



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There are many bloggers out there but what they write cannot be called as creative writing. The main motive of a blogger is to only inform its readers about a particular product or situation. Where as the main aim of a creative writer is to not only convey the readers about specific ideas but to also call specific emotions. We live in a world which is more of a logic rather than of arts. If you want to become a creative writer here are a few tips which you can follow:


There are many writers who start up without making a decision on the topic. Most of the writers out there don't take a particular decision about what they are going to write, whether it is going to be a novel, or a short story or any other literary form. But unfortunately this does not work as literature has its own laws and rules that one should follow if you want to succeed. Length is the most important characteristic, as a short story can range from 3,500 to 7,500 words and a novel should be more than 40,000 words. The category of literature you choose will influence many characteristics such as the length, the amount of characters and even the flow of events. Make sure that before you devise any new category you should try to cope up with already existed ones.


This is one of the most important as well as creative writing tips. It is advisable that you take ideas, you can take ideas from masterpieces and if you do so there is nothing to be ashamed of. One should understand it very well that creative writing immensely differs from plagiarizing. As you can have an inspiration from other authors but you'll give you're original interpretation of some topic. You can also read books as they can help you in improvising you're vocabulary. Make sure that while reading you pay attention to various figures of speech, odd words and expressions and also those things which turns of storyline. You can also get a lot if tips on reading at


Here are a few tips in which you can develop you're imagination power.

1. You can easily devise a story and fill your life with stories, even at places where you're getting bored. You can write a story even at a traffic jam or any other place. As you write down a story, no matter whether it is a joke or short story or even anything else, you can develop you're imagination power. It is one of the simplest technique as you don't have to set time apart to practice it.

2. Enriching you're mind with fantasies is helpful. There are many people out there who think about problems and troubles in their life before falling asleep and end up getting the same in their dreams. It is recommended that you have unearthly land full of dreams, where you're floating around the cloudy sky or anything else. Make sure that you have proper rest.

3. You need to look around the world. When you're sitting on a bench at a park remove you're earphones and observe the world around you. Have look at the strangers around you and think about their life, their dreams, their occupation, their triats of character, etc.


There are people around the world who might have never written stories before and thus they might be having fountain of ideas thus make yourself a promise that you won't start another work until you finish the first one. This should be followed as while writing a story you might have inspiration in the beginning but after sometimes it fades away. And as a result of this you won't have completed books. If you feel that you're loosing inspiration than just wait for a while and you're muse will definitely show up again.

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