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How Long Can A Past Success Save A Manager In The EPL?



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How long can a past success save a manager in the EPL? Seeing the current situation at Leicester, this question has never been more appropriate than it is now. In the EPL, countless managers have survived the axe only because they brought success to their clubs in the past but should this happen? Past success clearly counts but if a manager has lost the dressing room, or lost the plot often they aren't going to turn it around. I often think it is more about outside pressure from fans etc which keeps some managers in a job longer than they should.

Football is all about the next game. History generally doesn't mean a lot. What does matter is the criteria for success. At some clubs, the bar is set very high. For example, at Chelsea, the manager would be sacked right away if the club failed to finish top. The same is the case at most other 'top' clubs. On the other hand, a manager at Leicester or Burnley won't be sacked for the club failing to make the top half of the table. For this reason, Ranieri would be considered a hero if Leicester simply avoided relegation. As we're talking about Leicester and their bid to avoid relegation, let me ask you this: are you mobile betting on Leicester surviving the drop?

Coming back to the topic, I can understand why Arsenal fans would be loyal to Wenger or why Leicester fans would be loyal to Ranieri or why Chelsea fans were still very loyal to Mourinho last season. The aforementioned managers brought great success to the respective club at some point during their tenure. However, what I don't understand is when fan's back and praise a manager who has done nothing for club purely because of that manager's previous success with former clubs. Currently, we have two examples of this in the EPL. Klopp at Liverpool and to a lesser extent Mourinho at Manchester United: The two have not improved their team yet both fan bases worship the bones of both managers as if they have won them the treble.

Both managers have achieved incredible success in the past and thus deserved the chance at the club as well as to be given time, because both their track records should give the owners faith they can turn it around. However, my point is even though neither as of yet have achieved success with the club, both fan bases worship them.

In the end, I want to say that regardless of your previous success with other clubs, you have a clean slate at your new club and previous success at other clubs should not save you from criticism. It's just doesn't make sense. It's like worshiping an abusive partner because they were such a loving partner to their ex. Also, managers who have achieved success in the past at their club should walk away from the club if they feel they can no longer contribute to the club. This is going to save them from embarrassment in the future!

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