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Best of the Blogs, Consumer: Pepsi Wins Latest Battle Against Coke, Inks Deal With Steelers


Plus, the mayor of Boston doesn't want Chick-fil-A around.

This column highlights the most interesting and useful business and financial commentary for consumers from around the Web every Wednesday.

Link: Pepsi Punts Coke Out of Steelers' Stadium
"The famous brand war raging between soda giants Coca-Cola (KO) and PepsiCo (PEP) has often been proclaimed as the business world's equivalent of the legendary Hatfield-McCoy feud. For more than 30 years, the two companies have taken turns besting one another via taste tests, advertising campaigns and sponsorship deals. Just as one company gets the edge, the other wields a surprise blow that stuns its opponent.

"The latest battle involves the Pittsburgh Steelers."

The Consumerist
Link: Here's the Letter Where Boston Mayor Tells Chick Fil-A to Stay the Cluck Out of His Town
"The controversy surrounding Chick fil-A and its leadership's stance on same-sex marriage will likely not die down anytime soon, especially now that the Internet has the actual letter sent by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to the eatery's president Dan Cathy."
Link: Best New Car Deals for July
"As dealers try to clear the way for the new models, now is a great time for many shoppers to get a deal on a new car before the summer ends. Dealers are in the final crunch to make their end of month quota, which helps car buyer negotiate and come out with a great deal on a good car. And based on our latest analysis, there are some real savings to be had."

The New York Times: Media Decoder
Link: General Mills Adds Social Media to Product Pitch
"General Mills (GIS), a marketer whose brand-building efforts date to the days when housewives listened to radio shows while vacuuming, is turning to social media like Pinterest to help bring out a new product.

"The product, called Fiber One Chewy bars, is aimed at children, meaning that mothers are the target audience for the advertising campaign.

"Although the campaign includes traditional elements like television commercials and newspaper coupon inserts, the social media aspects are indicative of how marketing giants like General Mills are turning to new ways to reach consumers as those consumers' media consumption habits change."
Link: Kraft Takes New Approach to Cheese Case
"Kraft Foods (K) is working with Jewel-Osco (SVU) and other grocers to reshape cheese and dairy cases at more than 4,000 stores to make its most popular products easier to find and its new items easier to stumble upon."
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