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Tips For Your Strategy On Branded Merchandise



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Branded merchandise has always been treated as a second option as far as sponsorships and grand openings are concerned. What most people fail to notice is that they play a very important role in their overall marketing strategy. With branded merchandise, one can portray brand personality and also be able to reinforce the message they want to send across to their target audience.

In order to achieve optimal results with your branded merchandise, you need to have a good strategy in place, one that is custom-made for your business needs. Here are some tips on how you can tailor-make one for yourself.

Choose Items that Have High Usability

Remember that the most popular items in promotional campaigns are not the flashy ones; instead, they are the ones that have a high perceived value. If your trade show is scheduled around New Years day, people would expect you to be handing out calendars; if you are dealing in athletic goods, your potential customers could be the ones who might take promotional water bottles as a welcomed giveaway; if there will be a lot of women, tote bags that they can carry stuff in can be useful; you get the theme.

Go for an Effective Strategy

Make sure that you use a creative and fun item to print your logo on. The item itself is meant to show off the quality and care that you are all about. For example, if the pen you give away falls apart or doesn't work, the person you handed it to at a trade show is not going to be impressed at all. In other words, this piece of branded merchandise represents your product, even if it has been made by a 3rd party on your behalf. This goes to show that you must choose your supplier extremely carefully as you want nothing but the best. For items like pens, it won't even cost you as much as a lavish advertising campaign would.

You can also portray your brand image through an item; if the logo is printed a certain way, or if you choose a really cool free giveaway, you will probably have potential customers thinking, "This company gets me." This may result in them possibly switching to you.

Think about Return on Investment

In all the fun about choosing the right branded merchandise, you should not forget about maximizing your return on investment. All of this depends on your goal; what you are looking for is a sales executive who can open channels of communication and get what customers really want. This way, you will be better able to evaluate the cost since you will be able to prioritize the features you should definitely spend on, that is what your potential customers want, and features that you don't want to spend a high budget on.

Don't forget: The more a promotional product relates to a target audience, the better are the chances of them going on and buying your products; or at the very least, remembering you as a quality service.

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