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ES Support and Resistance for December 14


Today's levels.


The titans are down compared to last week and are down 1% overall. Those added in September are up 2%, those added in October are unchanged, those added in November are down 3%, and those added in December are down 2%.

The E-mini S&P 500 Futures Contract (ES) opened essentially unchanged and between S1 and the pivot. After moving higher to test the pivot, which held, the ES moved down to test S1. It began moving sideways just above S1 and spent an hour trading in that area before finally breaking through S1. The ES moved down to S2 and then bounced on its first approache. Late in the day, the ES began spiking up with the rest of the markets. It reached S1 before the rise stopped. The ES returned to S2 and finished the day there.

The range for the day was 15.5 points.

The levels for today are (I'm switching to the March contract):

R3 = 1446.75

R2 = 1431.25

R1 = 1421.5

Pivot = 1415.75

S1 = 1406

S2 = 1400.25

S3 = 1384.75

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