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Tips for Choosing the Right Catering Company for Your Event in Philadelphia



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Whether you are planning a birthday party or an office gathering in Philadelphia, nothing is quite as important as selecting the right catering company to take care of the event. The food and drinks that you serve can be the difference between an enjoyable affair and one that has people rushing for the door.

Do Your Research Before Choosing a Philadelphia-Based Catering Company

Start by doing some preliminary research on the Internet. Find out which catering companies accommodate events at your chosen venue. Check out their menu, their servicing and payment options. Make sure you understand the payment mechanism. You don't want any surprises like having to pay the whole bill upfront.

See what kind of reviews they have. The reviews should not only about be the food quality but about the service as a whole. The best catering companies tend to have a dedicated clientele that will speak on their behalf. Find the company on social media and ask customers about their experience.

Judge Their Level of Interest in Your Event

Many catering companies that you come across have a very mechanical approach to things. If you want your event to be truly special, you'd want a caterer who takes interest in how you want things done and can accommodate your requests on a personal level. The first couple of conversations with a caterer should give a good idea of this.

See how quickly they respond to your queries, how helpful they are. Do they seem like they are doing all that they can to help you, or are they hiding behind procedures?

Budget Considerations

One of the primary considerations when choosing a Catering Company in Philadelphia is your budget. A look at their menu should give you a clear idea about the prices. Find out if there are any hidden charges or service charges involved. If you already have a budget in mind, it would be beneficial to tell your caterer what it is. They can guide you on how to utilize it best.

Verify Food Quality and Chef Experience

Food quality is the most important factor when selecting a catering company. Find out all you can about the chef. See what kind of experience he or she has. Experience is not always a measure of quality food, but it helps. Talk to the caterer and ask them where they source their meats and vegetables. See if they use seasonal products that could positively affect how the food turns out. Try and get a taste of their offerings beforehand. If they have a public facility, visit it and order some food. This should give you a good idea of what you'll get.

Waterfront Gourmet Café & Deli provides excellent catering services across Philadelphia. Hanna Kogan, the owner/chef, takes personal interest in every order she caters to and takes the time to prepare elegant meals that will delight, excite and satisfy all of your guests. The aim is to come up with adventurous food that makes an impression, and Waterfront Gourmet delivers every single time. You can call them at 267-308-5108 or 267-227-1994 and have a chat. Or check out their online catering menu.

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