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Tub To Shower Conversion Guidelines for Home Owners



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Most family members prefer showers to bath these days. If you want to replace that outdated and dingy looking tub with a fresh and modern shower place, the project is going to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the family members. Studies show that over 70 percent of households now want tubless showers in their bathrooms. The other bathroom models trending now are walk-in showers, doorless showers and upscale showers. Real estate industry has also revealed that a Bathtub To Shower Remodel can potentially enhance the resale value of the property. Here are some useful guidelines for the project besides some options in front of homeowners.

Challenges you will have to tackle

Older homes might find the pipes outdated. You might need to replace the existing pipelines with copper or PEX pipes depending on the cost you can afford. Get an estimate for changing the pipeline along with the plumbing charges.

Issues around the tub space

Since bathtubs are much heavier than showers, you can depend on the existing floor that is now supporting the tub. However, the problems crops up if the tub has been there for ages and the water leak had caused some damage to the floor. In this case, you will need to replace the floor before the shower can be installed.

Floor tiling

You can work out with the estimates for laying ceramic tiles or specialty tiles depending on the budget you can afford. While the former is a cheaper option, the later can be your choice if you want to bring in that extra luxury.

Shower door

Some options you can consider with regard to doors include standard sliding glass door, tinted and textured glass door or a door that opens instead of sliding.

Shower fixtures

You can significantly enhance the shower experience by installing some special fixtures like those showerheads that replicate the feel of a rainfall and are also height adjustable. When you go for high end fixtures, the cost might go up to a few hundred dollars.

Options with regard to showers

Once the ground work has been made to install the showers, you must then work on the options regarding showers. Here are some types of showers you will want to consider.

Shower stalls

All in one shower stalls can be just added to the space gained by removing the tub. You have a plenty of options under this type with built-in ledges, shelving and seating areas as per your needs and taste.

Tiled shower curbs

In the existing wall space, you can create a tiled shower. For this you will need a curb or ledge that can hold the door and avoid water spilling out from the shower. Curbs must be small enough to climb as well as tall enough to contain he moisture. They must have smoothly polished edges.

Curbless showers

Showers coming without lip make it easier to access the shower. Curbless showers are also popular due to their open and modern look. Since they occupy a small space, they are best for areas with space constraints.

So, work on each of the aspects discussed above to complete the bathroom remodel project within the budget you have at the same time getting what you actually want.

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