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The Best Technology Industries to Invest In 2018



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Over the last several decades, the technology field has change dramatically and has proven to be an industry in a constant state of flux. There are numerous sectors to the industry and therefore a multitude of investment opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs looking to expand their portfolios.

Computers, Information Technology, Cyber Security

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The rate at which the technologies that underpin these different sectors has advanced has meant that the overall technology industry has itself continued to advance at a near constant rate, new fields continue to spring up constantly and each time a new field emerges it brings with it new opportunities for investors.

Knowing which area of the tech industry to invest in can be a challenge, below we look at some of the fastest growing sectors which provide the best investment opportunities for new and old investors alike.

Information Technology

Information technology, commonly known as IT, is now ubiquitous in businesses of all different types. The term is very broadly applied to numerous different technologies but generally refers to services which provide networking, computer, and communication systems to enterprises and public institutions.

Because IT is employed in virtually every business sector in some way it draws in a multitude of different skillsets and demographics. Consequently, it has experienced a sustained growth over more than a decade now. IT represents one of the safest investment types for entrepreneurs.


Online services range from financial services such as banks, exchanges, and cryptocurrencies, to pairing users with real word legal services such as a personal injury lawyer. Because online services encompass such a wide range of items, a comprehensive guide would require an article or two all of its own, however for entrepreneurs looking for a secure investment option it is well worth investigating the online services available.


Biotechnology looks set to form the future of medicine, it is a field of science which is concerned with applying our current knowledge and understanding of biology and physics to the goal of improving the sophistication of the best medical technology we currently possess.

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing and most rapidly evolving technology sectors and given the pivotal role, it looks set to play in the future of healthcare provision and is another secure investment option.

Environmental Science

Environmental science is another field of science which looks to play a crucial role in the future of human civilisation. As concerns about climate change mount and its effects become manifest, there is an increasing sense of urgency when it comes to identifying and implementing long term solutions.

Environmental sciences are at the heart of these efforts and inform scientists as to where they should focus most of their resources in order to maximize the efficiency of our efforts to prevent runaway global climate change.

The nature of technology means that the various sectors which comprise the industry are evolving at a much faster rate than most other industries. Technology encompasses a wide range of disciplines and often the different sectors of the tech industry overlap and feed in to one another. This means an investment in one area can pay off due to successes in another area.

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