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How You Can Make a Fortune from Home



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Online businesses are where the money is at these days. More and more people are discovering that their online side-hustles are soon making them enough money to quit their jobs.

Tired of going to work in an office for 8 hours every day? It's never been simpler to make an income online without even needing to leave the house, and there's a few simple methods we're going to share with you today. Read on for how YOU can change your lifestyle and earn a living on your terms, from the comfort of your own home.

Check out these 4 simple ways that anyone can start a home business today, with ideas from this review of the 7 figure cycle at, showing you how to make effortless money from your couch.

Affiliate Marketing

Also known as referral marketing, this method could see you get commission on sales of big products.

First, you'll need to own a popular site that ranks highly in Google (this tip relies on great SEO work for your website - contact a marketing agency to help you up your SEO game to get started).

Next, you'll need to establish an affiliate network with sites that sell large amounts of products. Many brands have affiliate programs, you just need to find products you want to endorse and get in touch. They'll be happy to work with you if your site commands enough authority on search engines.

Once the affiliate link is up on your site and directing traffic to the affiliate product, cookies track the moves of the customer, and if a purchase is made via your link, you'll get commission.

This method is great because once affiliate links are established, the money rolls in on its own. You basically need no input - other than keeping your site ranking and relevant. You have none of the responsibility of fulfilling orders, providing customer service, managing stock - you just reap the rewards of pointing people in the direction of other brands' products.


Earn money by selling products - without keeping ANY stock.

This method is billed as the easiest way to start an online business. Apparently, up to a third of all eCommerce sites use dropshipping.

It works through these simple steps:

  • Find a supplier selling products you think you can sell easily
  • Market them online and offer purchasing through your website (again, a great SEO strategy is necessary for customers to find, love and buy these products)
  • When products are bought, you order them (for cheaper) from the supplier, who sends them out directly to the customer.

Again, this method requires you to keep no stock - it's all dealt with by your supplier. The only issues you must contend with are keeping good communication with the supplier to resolve any delivery issues. With this method, you're in charge of customer service - but done well, you'll make easy money.

Offer a Digital Product

Get passive income by creating a digital product that people pay to download. This can be a font, a graphic file, a template - any original content that you create, upload to your site, and then people pay to access.

Offer products that are compatible with programs many people use: Excel, Adobe programs, or video software.

This is PURELY passive income! There's little to no upkeep required here. You can keep adding more products to earn more income this way, and soon will be making plenty of money... if you have a great marketing strategy.

Start a Digital Course

Fancy yourself a teacher? Run an information product online about your area of expertise. Have you made enough money through affiliate marketing to quit your job? That's the kind of success story people will buy into. Allow people to pay to learn your secrets and grab extra income.

Offer a comprehensive digital course online, where you perhaps use Skype to chat with your students, create guides on the way you've achieved your expertise (workbooks, PDFs, videos, etc), and offer secrets of the trade. This can be anything. If you're a great guitar player, or want to teach English or another language online, offer a pay-monthly course where people can learn to be as good as you.

Ensure you provide a great service so that your course earns 5-star reviews, and the word of your product will spread. Again, when you're starting out, you could use the help of a digital marketing agency to get the word out there about your services.

Use the internet as your primary income tool, and reap the rewards from home.

This article was written by Adam Monson for on .

This article published in collaboration with Scutify, the best app for traders and investors. Download the Scutify iOS App, the Scutify Android App or visit

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