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Nevada Approves Emergency Measures and Dodges Cannabis Crisis



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Nevada declared a state of emergency when it was running out of marijuana...

Demand for recreational marijuana was much higher than anticipated and when you combine this with an inefficient distribution network, you have a problem.

Crisis Averted

Nevada moved to solve this issue and voted to alleviate these issues by increasing the number of companies allowed to transport marijuana from the cultivation facilities to marijuana dispensaries.

When Nevada voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the November 2016 election, the legislation included stipulations to protect the Nevada liquor industry. They were granted exclusive rights to apply for distribution licenses for the 18 months after recreational marijuana was legalized.

By the time the recreational marijuana market opened, few distributors applied and none met the criteria to be approved.

Simplicity Works

The recreational marijuana industry in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska is simple and it works.

In those states, dispensaries can transport its product from the cultivation facility to the dispensary. Although we understand that Nevada was trying to look out for the liquor industry, you should not group the two industries together.

Marijuana is more regulated and subject to more stringent standards than liquor. Although marijuana has never killed anyone, liquor is one of the most dangerous substances on the planet.

Action needs to take place to regulate marijuana for what it is. Medicine.

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