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This Is Why India Globalization Capital Should Have Investors Attention



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Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the world and the industry is just getting started.

From Canada to Australia and Mexico to Germany, the legal marijuana industry continues to grow and is already a multi-billion-dollar market.

Marijuana is becoming big business and the industry's rapid growth has led to the creation of new high-growth sub-industries. Although there are numerous opportunities around the sale of legal cannabis, we believe the greatest and most profitable opportunities can be found on the biotech and healthcare side of the industry.

Biotech Beneficiaries of the Marijuana Movement

The biotech sector will be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the legal cannabis movement and we have already identified several leaders focused on this opportunity.

Marijuana is medicine. Biotech firms focused on developing treatments that are derived from marijuana have been successful. GW Pharmaceuticals' Sativex product is derived from cannabis and treats patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Currently, Sativex is being sold in 27 countries.

Biotech stocks do not trade like your normal investment. While companies like Apple (APPL) and Ford (F) tend to trade on earnings and revenue, biotech companies trade on FDA data and approvals.

A Biotech Firm to Watch

Last week, NYSE-traded India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC) announced its fiscal year 2017 financial results. The company is developing a product portfolio of phytocannabinoid-based therapies through cutting edge research for the treatment of a wide range of therapeutic indications.

In response to the earnings report, IGC CEO Ram Mukunda said, "In fiscal 2017, our major accomplishments include the advancement of our phytocannabinoid patent filing portfolio to large market indications. And in order to keep this focus on the medical cannabis industry, we disposed of our low-margin iron ore and electronic trading businesses, and retired about 10% of our outstanding common stock; thus reducing revenue, PP&E, and stockholder's equity. We firmly believe that this planned strategic move positions our company for growth in one of the fastest growing industries in America."

Focused on Indications with Large Addressable Markets

IGC is focused on developing treatments for indications including neuropathic and cancer pain, epilepsy, end of life supportive care, adjunctive supportive therapies of chronic neurological and oncological diagnosis, which are life altering or life threatening.

Much of IGC's value is derived from its intellectual property and previously filed patents. In 2014, the company filed a patent for IGC-501 and IGC is currently finalizing the product development by conducting anecdotal testing. Later that year, IGC filed a patent for IGC-504

In February 2017, IGC filed a patent for IGC-506 which is used to treat eating disorders. The company expects to file an additional patent to finalize these products later this year while advancing its refractory epilepsy treatment for dogs and cats (IGC-505 and IGC-503).

In June, IGC announced a milestone and entered a definitive license agreement with the University of South Florida. Under the agreement, IGC is the exclusive licensee of the U.S. patent filing entitled, THC as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Alzheimer's Disease. This is an important development for IGC as it works toward the development of a potential cannabis-based treatment for America's most expensive disease.

IGC acquired this patent to protect its proprietary formulation, IGC-AD1 which includes low-doses of THC and is intended to disrupt the buildup of amyloid beta plaques and alleviate some of the worst symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. If the patent is granted and proven, IGC will own a significant therapeutic pathway by which THC interacts with the human body.

Several Potential Catalysts for Growth

IGC has several significant catalysts for growth and its pipelines provides this potential for years to come. One of IGC's catalysts is when it shares data supporting its formulation, the patent application, the transition to clinical trials, as well as details of its commercialization initiatives.

IGC has come well off its recent highs and the company's valuation is attractive when compared to its competitors. The company is focused on several high growth opportunities as well as on developing intellectual property for the treatment of life altering or life threatening conditions.

IGC continues to strengthen its management team and has made strategic alliances to support its initiatives. We continue to view IGC as a company to watch and you can learn more by downloading our report here.

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