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Set Up For Success: Friendable, Inc. (OTC Pink: FDBL) Disruptive Live Video and Social Media Tech



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Social networking has exploded in popularity over the last eight years, thanks to major platforms like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) and Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR). According to, only 24% of the U.S. population had a social networking profile in 2008. Since the recession, social networking platforms have seen extensive growth year after year of new social networkers. In 2016, Statistica found that the percentage of the American population with a social networking profile grew 5% from 2015 to 78%.

Overview: Friendable

Friendable, Inc. provides a social networking app that takes out the introductory pressure and awkwardness. Through the app, the user will detail what they are "Friendable" for, which can be virtually any topic that you can think of. Once they find local people that have the common interest, the Friendable, Inc. app will allow you to chat with that other person and determine whether or not you want to meet up. In other words, Friendable is focused on the future and creating your "Facebook, Inc posts of tomorrow."

The "social greeting" app is available on the Android and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) App Store. While the Friendable, Inc. app has only been available on the major app store platforms since the first quarter of 2016, the app has seen success early on. As of April 2016, Friendable, Inc. has had its app downloaded over a million times. Furthermore, the app was able to add an additional 37,470 combined-platform downloads and became the 26th most downloaded app on the Apple Inc App Store during May 2016.

Celebrities have provided a major boost to Friendableand its user base. The Friendable, Inc. app was featured in Jennifer Lopez's "Ain't Your Mama" music video, which was released in May 2016. Within a week of the music video's launch, it had over 30 million views on YouTube and brought Friendable a hefty jump in downloads, along with an increase in user time on the app. The celebrity influence continues to be a major key for Friendable to increase its brand awareness, access to celebrity promotion of app to their tens of millions of social media followers, etc. While JLo remains the only celebrity attached to Friendable, Inc. at the moment, rumors suggest that there may be more celebrities on the way.

Major Recent Updates:

August 2016

8/8/16: Friendable, Inc. released download numbers from July 2016. For the month of July, the Company posted total downloads of 31,520, with 15,035 originating from Apple's iOS devices or the App Store, and 16,485 originating from Android or the Google Play Store.

8/10/16: Friendable announced that it has retained The Kluger Agency in an expanded role to assist with its next phase of marketing and branding initiatives. "This phase of marketing initiatives will be much more focused on call to action rather than brand awareness and video integration," said Adam Kluger, CEO of The Kluger Agency.

8/17/16: Friendable, Inc. announced the Company's paid version of its iOS app continues to gain advances in ranking, achieving the Number 1 position for all Social Networking Apps in Australia on Thursday, August 11th, 2016.

8/23/16: The company announced significant app and app store updates to usher in a new phase of monetization testing and revenue.

Updates include:

  • Improved App Store Optimization (ASO) to boost organic downloads and users.
  • App stability and performance improvements including optimized APIs for speed and support for a high volume of transactions.
  • Source code obfuscation for better security and protection of the source code.
  • Added profile videos.
  • Remediation of image upload and messages glitches.
  • Paging support to event comments, active chats, and notifications.
  • Monetization features to event listings including sponsored pop-ups and highlighted events/locations.

8/26/16: The company announced that music celebrity music artist Austin Mahone has been actively connecting with fans on Friendable as well as promoting the Friendable app across his social media channels.

"I'll be on the Friendable App for a few hours doing chats and following! Get the app and sign up, see if you can find me!! Then send me a message"

8/31/16: Friendable and Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment owned by Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE) announced a promotional partnership whereby there will be a variety of promotional initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Social media activation in connection with multiple EPIC Artists
  • Social media promotion by Epic Records
  • A ticket giveaway contest sponsored by Friendable
  • Contests hosted within the Friendable app to see multiple Epic Records artists on tour

September 2016:

9/6/16: The company announced that their continued celebrity exposure and support now exceeds 150 Million, and the addition of Meghan Trainor who just announced to her Facebook followers: Friendable App is hosting a contest for my fans to win free concert tickets!! Download the free app..."

The combined social media reach of the foregoing celebrities exceeds approximately 150 Million active followers and has strongly enhanced user acquisition initiatives for Friendable.

9/9/16: Friendable Announces 24% Increase in Downloads for August Over July 2016. The August 2016 download numbers for its Friendable app. For the month of August, the Company posted total downloads of 39,179 with 9,284 originating from Apple's iOS devices or the iTunes App Store, and 29,895 originating from Android or the Google Play Store.

9/12/16: The company announced the "Movie Night with Austin," a Meet-and-Greet for Austin Mahone's fans, held Sunday, was a great success.

9/14/16: Friendable, Inc. announced that the Friendable app was featured in celebrity pop star Daya's music video "Sit Still, Look Pretty," released Friday, September 9th, 2016.

What's more, Spotify recently named Daya the winner of the latest cycle of their "Emerge" program. This honor came as Daya's single rose to #19 on Spotify's US Top 50 chart, the highest position for any independent artist on the chart.

9/20/16: The company announced the completion of the concert ticket giveaway contest which was hosted exclusively on the Friendable app.

Friendable named the last three lucky winners on Saturday September 17, 2016. The Meghan Trainor concert give away promotion, sponsored by Friendable and available exclusively on the Friendable app was originally announced on August 31, 2016. The giveaway included two tickets for each one of three shows.

9/22/16: Friendable released a new app update on the Apple App Store. In addition to completing the necessary updates required to accommodate Apple's new iOS 10, Friendable, Inc. has also made improvements in speed and overall performance of its app as well.

October 2016:

10/6/16: Friendable announced it has been negotiating with the holder of specific technology that it believes will allow the Company to extend its brand and begin to uniquely monetize the Friendable app.

The Company believes this technology will allow it to execute a multiple channel revenue model that has the potential for a high conversion rate based on its target audience and demographic.

10/13/16: Friendable announced that it has received an investment commitment in the amount of $1.615 million and in connection with this commitment, the Company has completed the acquisition of live streaming video technology from Hang With, Inc.

10/20/16: Friendable, Inc. announced additional details related to its investment in Hang W/, Inc. and the acquisition of a royalty free technology license by the company.

The strategy is twofold, whereby Friendable will integrate their new live streaming video technology into its existing app as well as extending the technology into an entirely new product offering.

November 2016:

11/7/16: The company announced that it has engaged Hayden IR, a highly-recognized national investor relations consulting firm.

11/10/16: Friendable, Inc. announced that it will be offering live, uncut, uncensored, celebrity content through a new application which has been code-named "Broadcaster". Broadcaster is an effort to leverage the live streaming video technology that it recently acquired from Hang With, Inc. to create value for its shareholders.

Friendable's Broadcaster app - to allow celebrities to broadcast live, uncut, and uncensored content that cannot be viewed anywhere else, to the subscribers of their "Broadcaster Channel".

Friendable is looking forward to a strong conversion rate, as each celebrity or artist will be required to market their Broadcaster channel to their social media fans and followers, further, generating subscription revenue based on conversion.

Celebrities that Friendable has had previous or existing relationships with have, upwards of 20-50 million social media followers.

December 2016:

12/13/16: Friendable, Inc has invested heavily over the last several months to ensure Fan Pass ( and is Robust, user-friendly and appealing to their target audience.

Fan Pass, and, is designed to provide performing artists and celebrities with the opportunity to broadcast live, exclusive, uncut, and uncensored content to subscribers of their channel in real time. Upon its release, the platform will enable a unique and powerful connection between performing artists, athletes, celebrities, agents and their existing base of social media followers and fans by providing real-time access to events that would typically only be experienced by insiders, or individuals with VIP, on-location access.

12/19/16: Friendable, Inc. announced that downloads of its "paid" app in France reached No. 4 overall this past weekend.

January 2017

1/4/17: The company is currently looking for beta testers for the Company's new mobile application Fan Pass "Live"

1/18/17: Friendable, Inc, a mobile & social focused technology company, focused on connecting users with location-specific, interactive and live content, today announced the launch of its new website at The refreshed look and new design match Friendable's growing excitement for the future of what it believes is its game-changing mobile applications.

Overall, Friendable, Inc breaks down the barriers and seeks to connect the two like-minded users without the hassle of awkward introductions or discomfort. In addition, celebrity endorsements of the Friendable, Inc app, allows the company to gain exposure to all of the celebrity's social media followers. Combine with the new Fan Pass, updated application, and website, Friendable, Inc. is poised for a very strong 2017.


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