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The FBI, your stocks and you: Three questions



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We've got a ton of stocks that just seem to keep through the roof and the last week has harkened me back to the dot-com bubble of 1999 more than once as we have stocks up 5-10% or even 20-30% almost daily.

High-fives aside, I have a three questions for you dear Trading With Cody subscribers.

First question: When was the last time you lost sleep about your stock portfolio?

Second question: Have you been trimming/selling or buying more stocks in the last month?

Third question: Remembering that I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, here's a question for you. Putting aside any political leanings you have, is the fact that the FBI just booked the guy who was in charge of getting the current leader of the free world elected a big deal? Can it be a potential Black Swan event? Or just noise? If the market has a 5% pullback (finally) in the near-term, I can certainly can envision talking heads explaining to that the markets are worried about Trump's Russia problems...

Three former Trump campaign officials charged by special counsel

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Manafort charges will send shivers through the White House

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While I don't think the odds are much higher now than they were any time in the last six months, it's possible that our President gets in real hot water and wouldn't that create some real uncertainty in the stock markets and currency markets and so on....

So steady as she goes -- take some profits while you can, prepare for the next crisis while you can, be flexible with your positions and objective in your analysis.

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PS. For the last year I've been saying that a good paired trade for our outsized winner in $NVDA might be to short some $AMD with it. I still don't like $AMD and I'm still long $NVDA.

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