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4 Home Remodeling Ideas that Will Increase a Property's Value



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Home renovations, when done right, increase the value of a property without spending a lot of money. Bad home renovations and poorly considered projects will not return the cost of the improvement when you go to sell your home. Whether you are currently flipping your first house, or are involved in the real estate businesses, here are fourhome remodeling ideas that will increase the value of property.

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Fixing All the Little Things

It is amazing how many property owners decide they need to do a major home renovation when reallythey could just sort out all the little things. You could improve the value of your property simply by replacing leaking faucets, makeshift shower knobs, any cracked tiles and the toilet that seems off kilter. By fixing what is broken and making a few strategic upgrades like faucets with more clearance or a toilet that fits your aging frame better, you can make a bathroom look like new again without spending a fortune. Work with a reputable handyman instead of trying to make these repairs yourself; they will do a better job unless you have lots of experience.

Replace that makeup counter with new plumbing and a second sink in the kids' bathroom to reduce fights. Instead of renovating the entire kitchen, figure out the root cause of any problems future buyers might face, like a lack of counter space or awkward flow between the sink, fridge and stove. You may find that expanding the center kitchen island and fixing the loose drawers will make your buyers' happy.

Open Up the Area

Too many homes feel small because of the design. The toilet closet feels cramped and may actually be so for overweight or disabled buyers. Removing the wall that separates it from the bathroom and putting in a lower privacy wall to let in light could open up the whole space without having to remodel the whole bathroom. Replace the tub and shower combination with a large, single walk in shower. This has the side benefit of accommodating someone with limited mobility without the negative impact of a walk-in tub. You could add sliding glass doors with decorative patterns in the wall separating the kitchen and dining room to let in light while still dampening sound. You could remove the wall separating the kitchen and living room and leave in place a breakfast bar; if structural concerns prevent this, simply putting in a large indoor window you can close up via a sliding lattice gives you the ability to speak to others or watch TV while cooking.

Converting Basements to Living Space

The cost of converting a basement into living space is very low, since you already have a slab down there. Unlike an attic, the basement is already at walking height. You may need to add better drainage, seal any cracks and improve electrical connections before you can plan on turning it into a living room or extra bedrooms. Consult with a good plumber before you plan on putting a bathroom downstairs. In any situation, assuming the room doesn't smell like mold or feel like a dungeon, you've just earned more than a 100% return on the renovation cost.

Many house flippers and real estate owners often make the mistakes of renovating just for the heck of it, thinking that every renovation will give them a return on their investment. However, some remodeling projects may actually leave you in the red. Make sure that you go with renovations that are sure to increase your home's value.

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