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How to leverage the low-interest rate environment before it hikes up



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While interest rates have been rising over the last few months, interest rates are still almost as rock-bottom as they have ever been and are still hovering around cycle lows.

Because of this low-interest rate environment, credit is cheaper and easier to access for not only companies but also individuals. Loans such as mortgages and auto loans offer people the ability to buy homes or lease automobiles on credit.

If individuals do not have the capital required to purchase a brand new or used car, for example, they can find an auto lease dealer that will be able to offer them a new or used car with a 24- or 36-month payment plan. This payment plan allows for the individual to pay for the car over time with incredibly low-interest rates on the initial loan.

Car loans are so inexpensive now and so valuable for the company handing out the loan that the majority of dealers and brokers are creating these loans and asking for no money down. For corporations, low-interest rates provide the ability to borrow capital at a very cheap rate. If a company is looking to acquire a competitor, they may be able to do so now more than ever with completely borrowed funds.

Regardless of the goal an individual or corporation may have in getting a loan, the environment to do so now is again better than it has ever been. One of the largest benefits that aren't spoken about regularly is the competition to provide these loans to consumers and corporations. Because we are in such a low-interest-rate environment, it has never been easier for loans to be paid in full because the payments on loans are so small. This makes providing these incredibly low rate loans a much less risky deal because it has never been easier to pay back the loans with such low interest.

Not only are more and more companies and individuals seeking loans to take advantage of the environment, but more and more companies are looking to offer loans, which ultimately drives down prices and interest to those seeking them. This creates a chain of events that has spurred economic growth and will continue to do so until interest rates rise.

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